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10 Ways to Love a Person with Mental Illness - article


Thought this was good… (just be careful to avoid all the Google ads on this page at the link below)

Love can be a hard concept to understand, even more so, when you want to love a person (family member, friend, or significant other) with a mental illness but don’t know how. The following tips may help:


This is great, very accurate. Thank you.


Great article! I agree with this too. It is difficult to know what to do, also. How to respond. My father has taught me and learned through his own experience with my mother and also myself, how to react to someone with a mental illness. First he would say that it’s not their fault, so don’t blame them. Second he would say to treat them as if they were well, with respect and love, and do not react to their hostility with anger. After my dad moved out she has been nicer to him, when he comes home to bring her coffee or something nice. The distance has helped. But he’s always nearby in case of emergencies.

My dad is a respectable man, and when I am delusional it hurts when I lash out like my mom has done-out of confusion or fear–at the ones who love me most. My dad is also working to lobby or gain support for:

A free local recovery from susbtance abuse clinic for people with drug addictions to get healthy again.

To make mental health communities safer, and for access to mental health care to be more accessible for families who have loved ones in crisis, but their only option is the prison system because the system is such as that only a person who is dangerous can access mental health treatment.

It’s a complex issue, but my dad will hopefully save lives by making access to care easier.


Although I did not fully understand what you wrote, but I can imagine the love of your family. All the best!