20/20 interview

I watched the interview with the father of the shooter…do you think the parents were in denial?

I didn’t see the interview. Is it on Youtube?

try searching 20.20 Barbra Walters interview

I also saw that last night. I dont think the father was in denial. I dont think he knew how bad his son was doing.
I wrote on another post last night about this. I cannot figure out what kind of diagnosis this kid would have had. I w2as happy that the father said the mental health system has holes in it and that he was going to help with that in some way…

An article said the father knew the shooter had serious issues with women.

Yeah-watching the interview, his father did know-but I think he thought that it was typical boy problems. Whats weird is that after the police were called in after the first incident with those girls, the police didnt check any further. In the end-it was all messed up. I still dont think the father realized how serious the situation had become. Plus-this kid was of age by the time he was getting serious. Would anyone have been able to force him into anything? I believe he was seeing a therapist, but then stopped going. Also-the fact that his youtube stuff was found........I dont know-