Acting on false beliefs

My son has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. He has always believed he was in the service however never was. We have fought this belief for years and years. He was an inpatient in a mental hospital for two years recently and still came home with that belief. He is now planning a trip to Fort Bragg to attempt to get his service records. He is in counseling presently and I am assuming taking his meds. The counselors say there is nothing I can do to stop him and I am so worried with all that is going on today that he will get into trouble trying to access Fort Bragg… Any suggestions to what I can possibly do.


Hi Elaine, welcome to the forum. I am sorry this long standing delusion is causing you concern. Some delusions stay in place for years. There was a woman years ago who was convinced she was David Letterman’s wife. Can he actually get to Fort Bragg? Do you live within walking distance?