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Alkaline Water for alternative help with symptoms

I’m interested, from a previous topic, to incorporate alkaline water into dd regiment. Here’s a thought/hypothesis… Alkaline water is known to increase efficacy of meds and especially those of serious nature, ie blood thinners, insulin etc need to be monitored closely. How about natural supplements? Could the efficacy of say CBD be possible? If it is, in theory, then one could take less, which could be a game changer for people, possibly using this to keep their sz symptoms under control. And possibly more affordable. Any thoughts on alkaline water for those of you who are choosing alternative ways to deal with this disease? What type of results have been noticed from possibly drinking more alkaline water. Please know I am in no way advocating any miracle cure and all alternatives should most certainly be discussed with your own Dr. :grin:

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We use distilled alkalized water
We remineralize with the best pink salt
And use potassium and magnesium citrate for its well know absorption
Our experience has been magical
Distilled water alone has been a game changer

We also been doing probiotics
Because of the gut brain correlation
These are ideas I’m throwing out there

We too are doing probiotics, but she’s been in them for YEARS! We switch up our probiotics each time. Next go round for us is soil based organisms. I believe I read somewhere our guy it our other brain. Which I may add is why it amazes me that what a huge line there is better general ‘physical’ medicine and psychiatry. The brain is part of the body, the whole thing. Weird.

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Hmmm… We distilled water years ago but because of where we lived. The goo left behind in the distiller was disgusting, so we decided we didn’t want that garbage in our guts. When we moved we distilled but there was hardly anything left in the bottom, so distiller is in RV. I was wondering about the minerals but you explained that. Thanks.

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If you are interested in improving intestinal tight junction integrity, try decaffeinated coffee, either black or with nut milk (not dairy.)

There are likely other dietary means of improving gut integrity, but this is a start. Alkaline water seems to improve the good / bad gut flora balance as well!

You’re a wealth of information. She drinks decaf now with almond milk. Good to know. Thank ya.