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Been followed everywhere

Hi everyone!my name is bing li,I see people all over the street and cars all over the street were there to follow me last year,after that i called the police report that crime,but the police didn’t do anything they just sent me to hospital,and there the doctor diagnosed me as schizophrenia but I don’t believe what the doctor said,I think it was real,people were there to follow me,i m very distressed depressed and scary now ,i m thinking of suicide,is there anybody else who been followed like me,been followe by large amount of cars and people everywhere please share your experience,and I hope that could convince me I have an illness,I really hope I am but I can’t be convinced by doctor

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It does sound like you have Schizophrenia or Schizophrenic Disorder. My husband has it but says he don’t as well. He has heard me say things but I have not even opened my mouth. It is not a horrible thing to have SZ. It is easily diagnosed and treated. I believe if you have acknowledged the symptoms, you are a step ahead of the others. My husband has not acknowledged his issue and he is getting worse and worse. Please don’t disregard you symptoms. If someone can help you alleviate the symptoms, then you should see them So yes, go to the doctor.

There is no reason for suicide. You are a human being put on this earth for a reason. You have loved ones that love and miss you. Please know you are not the only one with SZ and the doctors have so much experience treating it. This is not something you have to go through alone. Be safe, and tell someone who can help you if you feel you can’t go to a doctor alone.


You have a treatable mental illness.

Please share your post with the people on schizophrenia[dot]com who have been diagnosed and received treatment for what you are going through the link / text immediately below:

The link is for the forum for people who have been diagnosed and you will sign up there just like you did here and be able to talk with lots of people who went through what you are experiencing

We here are family members and friends of people with the illness you have. Please do not hurt yourself. Please get professional help.

If you are seriously considering harming yourself, please call local resources and ask for an ambulance to take you to the ER for medical treatment.


Thank you for help thank you

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Bingli I am glad you are reaching out for help. My son thought that people were watching him and, like you, he was very scared and confused. He was so worried that he wasn’t able to focus on his college or anything else. We took him to a doctor and they said he has schizophrenia. He got help and the right medicine which makes his brain work well again and he no longer has those scary thoughts. He is back in college and working. I know your thoughts seem very real to you and it must be frightening for you. Please don’t despair, life can get much better for you. Please write in on the diagnosed page to get feedback from those who have had the same experience.


why it can’t be real that peolple are following me

I took medication too,but it doesn’t hellp,so I think the doctor might be wrong, I may not have illness people were truly following me

Sometimes people have to try different medications to see which one will work. The doctor might prescribe a different one if the first didn’t help after a trial period. You might consider going back to the doctor or even go to a different doctor to tell them you are still having these thoughs.

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Why would anyone want to follow you?

My son thought people were following him, and worse.
They weren’t.

He’s just a regular guy doing regular things that don’t interest anyone but friends & family.

My son’s also taken a few types of medicine that didn’t help, and some that did. It’s hard to find the right one, and sometimes they take a long time to work.

My son usually starts to think more about people following him when he can’t sleep. How’re you sleeping?

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What people are you saying were following you? Did they say anything to you?
What makes you special that you thu people would follow you?
When did this start? Have you noticed any other things that make you feel you are being singled out? Just really interested to hear.

Tell us more about you, what happened in hospital? How long did you stay there? What meds did you try? Etc ?

Why would they follow you?
So what if you were being followed? Ignore it.
These are things to think about, while working with your psychiatris to relieve your anxiety.

My sleep is good,I just saw that they are following me

they are strangers,they don’t talk to me

Maybe,it only looks like they’re following you.

How long does it seem like they’re following you?
What happens when one stops following you?

Do you see them in a few random places? Different days etc?

they followed me from last year Aprile to august

I saw them everyday everywhere I go I saw them