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Believe my SCH daughter is not being cared for fairly in her SC group home


Our daughter is in the South Carolina Medicaid system & lives in a group home that is very similar to a nursing home. She has been told that even though she has lived in a couple of home share houses they are not going to let her leave the group home to be more independent. The group Home gives her No money for expenses or necessities; she does not have her own room, & has been told to buy feminine products & bras & underwear herself, using a Birthday gift card. Her medical co-pays are totaling over $100 & one doctor wont see her until her bill is paid!
Her mother & I are using our own money to buy clothes & health products for her even though I am disabled & have the only income. Is there someone that I could contact that knows if any rules are being broken? I don’t want the group home to know that we are checking into this. She has lived there 8 years so far & things have gotten much worse lately.


I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with Medicaid in SC. In Ohio Medicaid pays nearly 100% of everything that my son needs, rarely do I ever see a bill. I would contact them directly and tell them what is happening and ask them what you can do about it. If the first person does not answer your questions or gives you the run around, ask for a supervisor and also check with your local Job and Family services in your area sometimes they have extra assistance. Here is the link I found for SC Medicaid.