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Bloody hell, i'm in shock

my son Maximillian has been protesting for days about taking meds. then tonight, at about 1am he came out of his darkened silent room and told me he couldn’t sleep and could he please have a propanalol////shocked is not the word. so i cut it into four and gave it to him in some ice cream and he took it, just like that! it’s now 1.30am and of course i’m staying up with him till it kicks in. just hope it’s enough to knock him out. when i first started taking propanalol it made me feel tired but it didn’t knock me out. this is his first dose so i’m hoping it gives him the sleep he craves…i guess that means he’ll be even groggier in the morning but that’s ok.

this morning was a complete write off. started waking him at 6am and four hours later he still wasn’t moving and was getting tearful. he was very depressed almost the second i woke him up and all he wanted to do was stay in bed. fast forward four hours later i let him sleep for an hour on the proviso that once i woke him at 11am it would be time to get ready and go to school. he agreed. it still took him an hour to get ready but he got there in the end and i dropped him off at school. right now the important thing is that he goes in every day for at least three or four hours. personally i don’t really care of he’s a bit late so long as he actually goes. i was just getting tothe point where i would have to phone the early intervention team this morning. if he carries on with the hopelessness every morning i won’t have any choice but to have him evaluated. i told him it was like having a broken leg. if you break a bone you go to the e.r, to get it reset and it’s the same with your mind and medications or therapy with a psychiatrist or therapist…i think he understood…we’ll see i guess. tomorrow morning will be tough as he’s only just going to bed now at 1.43am. i will wake him at 8.30am and hopefully get him in school before 11am. luckily it’s his last week at school before the christmas holidays so he can have some time to recuperate and rest. i think the sooner we see a shrink the better so i may have to stamp my lil feet at the dr’s surgery to get a quicker referral. we’ll see how the rest of this week goes and i’ll decide on friday what we’re going to do.

Max. Maximillian. I love that name. Reminds me of my own name! Nick. Nicholas.

That’s a good way to put it. I’m glad he’s starting to seek help, he may rebound once he falls asleep, but it’s a start. I’m trying to scare you this is a major move forward for him.

It sounds like your making some head way. I’m glad he’s starting to the logic. I hope it gets easier for you. Good luck.

Thank goodness! Yeah-I think you should get him in to see the doctor. Finger`s crossed!!!

My son also has propanolol for migraines. He takes it in the morning. He has a very low dose, it doesn’t make him sleepy. He has had migraines 1-2 times/week. He is only 10 years old.

It’s good that your son wants to sleep. Sleep is important to recover. Lack of sleep is my no 1 sign something is going on.

Good thing you said about ER and a broken leg.

it was either that or nikola after nikola tesla…or lazarus…don’t know why…just liked the name x

haha. Sometimes our kids can surprise us when we least expect it. I know that trying to correct when my son gets his days and nights mixed up can be pretty hard. Trying to get him on a better sleep schedule. We have agreed on bed by 12 and up by 10. He doesn’t pay attention to time so that contributes. Good luck!