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Brother is coming to see me tomorrow

He is leaving the states on a job in Qatar soon and wanted to see family before he leaves later this month. He is coming from CO and I can’t wait to see him. I am giving him my Jimmy Page painting I did a few months ago and he is giving me some goodies from CO. Yayyy…it’s been about four months since I had any and I am happy. On a sadder note, we will be having a dinner at mom’s house and I hope I can keep from crying when I see my step dad…he doesn’t have much time left on earth.

Nice to find you still here, Jukebox.

And about death - I’ve never had too much of a problem with it; in our strange world featuring much that does not
make sense - death is logical to me: this existence would grow on the nerves after a few centuries.

Have you heard of quantum immortality? Nobody dies. We’ll all reincarnate.

enjoy the day…

I’ve seen a theoretical demonstration of a person shooting themself and creating a sub-dimension that continues on without them yet they carry on forward with memory of their attempted suicide erased.

There is the Buddhists’ reincarnation where in we possess a new born body after waiting for some time in Bardo (the dream realm).

And other demonstrations where we exit this life into a more genuine world to find this was an over-exaggerated parody and demonstration that the genuine external world may also be artificial.

why can’t you guys find some other thread to discuss the after life? thanks for nothing.

Four months is awesome @jukebox. Wish you wouldn’t go back to it.

aww Malvok !! my friend !! It hurts a lot of people on here but it really helps me with depression and anxiety…I hope this means you will be back on here again? Probably not… I hardly ever can get it anymore so most of the time I don’t use it. thanks for caring!

**Theres always something good around the corner-isnt there?!
well, now you will have a place to stay when you visit Qatar :wink:
It`s ok to cry about your stepdad, and you will be glad that you had time with him…
I want that Jimmy Paige painting!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: **