CAMH: Tips for quitting smoking

What are your reasons for quitting smoking? Write them down. Do you want to quit cold turkey or cut down a bit at a time? Whatever your reasons or methods for quitting, your environment, behaviour and biology all play a role in determining how successful you are going to be.

It’s interesting how some people can really throw that pack away and not look back… sweat out the withdrawal and be done.

I couldn’t. I had to taper.

But I guess it worked… It’s hard to keep it up too… I used to used smoking as an escape… crowded place… need to leave with out making a scene? Going for a smoke was an easy excuse.

But I’m still smoke free so far. I’ll consider myself over it when I quit looking for my smokes while getting ready to leave for work. Or thinking of having one with lunch…

My last one so far was 4 months ago… but I still crave at times.

I quit cigarettes twice and cigars multiple times. It sure as hell ain’t easy. The first time was cold turkey. The second time I simply substituted marijuana for tobacco. And the cigars aren’t as hard as cigarettes but take equal measures. Same with cloves. Nowadays I don’t crave tobacco at all. In fact I despise tobacco. All I crave is marijuana and that can be as equally addicting. It’s all a mind game in my opinion.

We started smoking outside in October. It cut my smoking in half with little effort. Made me realize how much I was smoking out of habit. I think I’m around 7-10 a day and superslims so I’m happy with that for now anyways.


Congratulations on cutting back… :thumbsup:

@SurprisedJ…4 months is really good-it really does take awhile to stop wanting one.
@BarbieBF…when I was living in CA., no one smoked out there. I had to smoke outside also. When I moved back to KY, I just kept up with going outside. I love that my whole house doesn`t smell of cigs anymore! **