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Can anyone help me with a question?


How does treatment happen when they have anasognosia?
My son is been living in his van for about a year been in jail a couple of times, eating sandwiches out of the dumpster not showering for 6 months. Now for the last 3 days he thought his van got stolen and he has been sleeping in the woods.
The police drove by the location and called to tell me it was sitting right there!
This is about 2 hours from my house.
So my question is should I Western Union some cash for some gas for the van, or am I putting a Band-Aid on this?
My other thought (which I am leaning towards ) is I can go pick up the van because I have a spare key let him sleep in the woods and hopefully he’ll get so desperate that he will go to the VA and get help.
I don’t want to spend four hours going to pick this van up
If it’s all for nothing. But if I have a chance to get him somehow into the VA then of course I would. It is seriously one catastrophe after another it seems every day.
What would you do? I am so grateful for your help and support I know you guys have
been through this or similar.


Hello, At this point, if he can’t find his van, I’d leave it. Whatever you do is kind of a bandaid. My advice is not to send any money since it could be used for alcohol or illicit drugs, which would only make things worse.

If you can talk to him, let him know that you have a key and would come get the van if that is his choice. You could help him put gas in the van if you want to… The police might impound it after a while; maybe find out about that and let it factor into your decision making.

In the state where I live, the way people with anosognosia get help is by becoming very, very ill and coming in contact with the system via police, paramedics, etc. Then they might get help. It’s terrible, but that’s how our family member finally received treatment. I wish there were some other way to get treatment; maybe someone else on the forum has a better way. Maybe your state has better laws and services:


Okay that’s great thank you for your help and your answer.
I have the key so I’m on my way to go pick it up and I’m going to let him continue sleeping in the woods and any time that I talk to him just tell him that I’ll buy him a bus ticket to the VA Hospital.


My first thought was that I have heard that in some states there are veterans outreach programs where you can report a veteran like I am assuming your your son is, to them, and they have people who will try to go and get them to services, I wish I knew more or if it was a wide spread program. I don’t really know but it might be worth an inquiry just to see what they have. I can’t speak for everybody and my sz son is not a vet but when he was on the streets and I when I could find him I would always make him go home with me when I could, even if it was temporary-I could see that he got a good meal and a shower and maybe some sleep in a bed but I wouldn’t give him cash, ever. I do realize that can’t work for everybody. Good luck getting your son to services, I really hope you succeed. I found this link if it helps.


Thank you so much the veterans outreach program might be an option thank you. He was in California and now he’s in Florida about 2 hours from me is where he ran out of gas and that’s where he lives temporary. I can’t hardly be in the same room with him because I’m scared of him. I have doctor’s appointments for him that come and go that he just won’t go to literally unless he takes a bus there I don’t know how he’s going to get there


I am so very sorry for what you and your son are going through, I understand the tremendous fears involved, I had them too, it took me a lot of years and having my son finally stable to realize how great his fears were too when he was untreated. It sounds like he maybe he could use a court appointed guardian to lead him to the right track. I realize it might not be you due to safety issues, but if he is found incompetent to care for his own needs in front of a probate judge then the judge would have to find a guardian for him, most often they are attorneys that work for the court or sometimes social workers, it depends. The guardian could get help him with disability, finances, housing, appointments and the court would help the guardian to enforce it as much as possible. It’s not the whole answer but maybe a step in the right direction. Just a thought. I found this link: My best to you and your son going forward.


Putt gas in the van , leave where you found it and a note with directions to the closest VA hospital… Leave a bag of McDonalds in the van…