Can you relapse while on medication?


I’ve been thinking about that… I think you have less negative symptoms.


Trudat. Way lower negative symptoms. My affect is flat today. Can’t tell if it’s because I am sore from the waist down or not. I just spent like half an hour staring at my books listening to music.


how do you guys define relapse?


specific symptoms that derail my functioning… that would keep me from going to work… or getting through my day with any efficiency.

Voices… I hear them off and on… so if they came back… I wouldn’t call that relapse.

some of the paranoia or some of the cognitive problems I struggle with coming back… keeping me from communicating well… thinking in a straight line… triggering panic attacks… triggering visual hallucinations… or freezing me into such a brain wipe I can barely move… that is what I would consider relapse.


Excellent list. Covers pretty much everything I have seen behind relapses. Add stress to going off meds for a few days and… Look Out.

Made a mess of =me= several times.


thats scary that that can happen…


I have had relapses while on meds. I should mention though it’s usually not full coherence one day and full blown psychosis the next. For me it comes on subtly. Seeing a therapist helps because they can usually point out when it is time to talk to your pdoc. Smoking pot occasionally doesn’t effect me. I know some people on here can’t handle it at all, but everyone’s brain chemistry is different. For years I needed ECT treatments because meds alone didn’t work. But now it has been 8 months without treatments when there was a time I couldn’t go a week without one. I am also on three antipsychotics now, but I don’t have any symptoms and haven’t for a while. :sunny:


Thanks everyone for the comments. I"m grateful for the input! My son has only been psychotic on and off the the last year and a half. I have noticed when he gave up pot, he was much better. Mental illness runs in my family so I can understand he has always had (dormant) Schizophrenia and the pot (he’s been smoking pot for nearly nine years) has triggered it.


I wonder to what extent this had effected my life. It is kind of irrelevant though.

I know what I’m dealing with now (and I’m glad I’m not dead.)