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CBD +THC produces entourage effect

Thought I can tell you my partners experience with a cbd with low thc helped so much with withdrawal symptoms (specifically 6:2 ,sometimes 1:1
From the CBD being studied for its antipsychotic like effects
And seriously the thc has been rumored about it have strong anticholonergic effects which would be helpful for akathasia and dystonia
From an experiential point of view
This mixture has worked miracles than either of them isolated!
This is all speculation but it would seem that the cbd seems to cancel out the psychosing inducing effects of thc and becomes a more whole medicine!
Don’t take my word for it
Please do your own research and listen to your doctor
I am not a professional.just a passionate researcher.
Just thought this experience can be of the utmost value to someone looking for alternatives .
It’s interesting because my mind doesn’t even want to consider thc because of its taboo topic in the schizophrenia community…
Thc and cbd together help boost each other!
Hope all is well with everybody!
Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

Only eating it…
Like edibles…
Since they produce different effects the way you take it in.
And it has to be indica based

By the way
I find that the thc and cbd are most effective when done with a powerful intention and guiding the medicine to fit your needs with your mind
Also the cultivation of gratitude and compassion
In awareness as you practice this
The cbd and thc can intensify your current perception… throwing that out there