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CCHR International

Is anyone familiar with the above organization and if so, what are your thoughts?

I have never seen anything about it, but from first glance, to me it looks like a pretty reactionary organization. My son visits the website, which is a source for him for arguments against taking his medication. Not helpful.

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Very bad organization for people with psychiatric issues - its part of scientology - who opposes all forms of psychiatric treatment. People with schizophrenia who get involved with scientology tend to die at high rates, if the news stories are any indication.

I wouldn’t listen to anything they say - its all extremely biased against psychology and psychiatry.

I think the issues may stem from the founder of the “religion” having been diagnosed as having schizophrenia - and he didn’t like that.

More details below:



Ron Hubbard Insane, Says His Wife

Scientology’s Approach to Mental Illness

The Life & Death of a Scientologist
After 13 Years and Thousands Of Dollars, Lisa McPherson Finally Went ‘Clear.’ Then She Went Insane.

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Was aware of the two being affiliated (hence the red flag in my mind) but didn’t realize the degree of connection. Thanks for the heads-up!


Oh no! That’s not helpful. Ugh

Wow! I knew I didn’t care for the antipsychiatry groups, didn’t know about the Scientology connection. I did see something on the ID channel on TV about Scientology and schizophrenia where the mother was murdered by her very ill son, so so horrible and sad and unnecessary!

And yes, thanks for the heads up!

I’m sorry I know I’m posting too much, this is the documentary I was talking about.