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Cell Phones to overcome communication problem


Sometimes the auditory hallucinations get so loud that verbal communication becomes very complicated. Can lead to confusion, paranoia and anger. We’ve come up with a simple solution, but it is working so well for us that I wanted to share. Just go to separate rooms and communicate with texts. It diffuses the emotion and eliminates confusion about what is actually said. My son very seldom experiences visual hallucinations, so this works great for us.


Even on the days when I have no symptoms I still have difficulty with verbal communication. I do everything I can to avoid talking to people on the phone especially (which is a problem for my wife’s aging parents who would spend their lives on the blessed thing, if possible). E-mail and text are my preferred modes of communication outside of immediate family.



At work I solved a problem by using emails.

Often I would get confused or forget what’s said or read emotion and judgements into it.

With email or texts, you can read it again and again until you ‘get’ it.