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Could it be good news? I have to share this

I have just been intermediary to my father and mum, in getting £1,500 a week for my sister at a private treatment facility… which will cover her costs 50:50 for private, open ended treatment.
(My sister is selling her London flat)… she has late onset schizophrenic with huge suicidal depression severe bulimia, anxiety disorder, unstable personality disorder, p.t.s.d. (Life changing Trauma age 3) much sexual and physical abuse, Dyslexia and Late stage Alcoholism … and has never come close in 8 years to speak to a therapist, doctor, self help group, psychiatrist, peer,

She has been trying so hard to get well in the past 6 months, after all of us fearing we would find her dead at any given moment, or never find her.
The place treats trauma, psychosis, addiction, all in one place
The only philosophy my sister has ever said, on reading about their approach and types of treatment, ‘ah yes that sounds like how it is with me.’

I was copied to an email, where my father said about how he had been in touch with my sister, saying that he wanted very much to help… he was wondering if he, (on a white charger,) could pay for private Therapy because she clearly needed help.

He probably wanted to suggest about £45 a week.

I was blunt, almost to the point of rude. I disclosed things my mum had spent 8 years trying to hide and keep from him.

And said that 25, 30 or 40 thousand would be appropriate

At the moment mum is talking to my sister about immediately getting her admitted for 60 - 90 days plus… they don’t make you specify a leaving date and there are only 10 people participating

I almost don’t dare make a subject heading for fear she might see it…

Just to add her trauma has been so severe and she was so young.

I know it’s a lot of money, mum has been crippling herself caring for 8 years originally in a one bed flat, sleeping in a chair for 3 years to give her space… they moved to a 2 bed.

The extent of her spending on herself is a cheap pair of trainers and a duvet cover, in a year.
She is paying an extra £60 a week at least that ends up in the loo
So in debt
My sister had to sell her flat to cover the debts
Sorry I know it’s a privileged amount of money
There hasn’t been much happiness

What a couple of days!
Feeling good to get money out of my father though… mum would never have dared to ask

She’s agreed to go in
Not the same thing as accepting medication but if she gives the place a chance they will advise it


Excellent it’s a great step!


Good for you, @three! You can’t control the outcome, only how you choose to act, and I think it’s wonderful that you were able to assert yourself like that with your father. Congratulations!


Thank you.
I think it’s a big congrats for all four of us, father coughing up, me negotiating, mum taking care through years of illness and sister for deciding to ask for help and challenge herself
She has fears so similar to what I had in my first episode.
Schizophrenia is a startlingly similar illness in its many manifestations for a lot of us.

I just can’t believe it’s happened to the third sister

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Thanks @Jeannet
Yes, it’s something she was thinking about paying for outright in the back of her mind
I forgot to say in the post that mum had been looking at this place on and off for a couple of years or so
But god there would be so much pressure to do well and it would hurt her so much financially