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Describe Yourself!

We are all people too! I’ve been to so many doctor’s appointments this week, I feel more like a nurse than my own person. I know other people feel this way too! Describe yourself, but don’t include ANY DETAILS of your life that go towards caring for SZA or MI family/loved ones.

I’ll go first!
I live in Georgia. I am a special education teacher in a public school, and it’s the best job ever.
I didn’t think I would be a teacher though-- I have my Master’s degree in Divinity, and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy & history of mathematics.
I love a lot of nerdy stuff-- playing Dungeons & Dragons, Diablo (all of them), World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Harvest Moon.
I have the best cat in the world (see my profile pic) but I have had puppy sickness for months now and really, really, really want a puppy. (or older dog- whoever might choose me!)
I love reading, and go to the library every Saturday. I am always looking for recommendations for new books.
I want to have more plants, but I feel like I kill every one I get. My brother gave me an African Violet for my birthday, and I think I’ve killed it with too much sun. :frowning:
I also like to draw & paint, but I haven’t had much energy for it lately. That’s pretty disappointing, but I just can’t manage to get to it.


Thanks for the reminder we are still people. Of late the caregiving role has been all I think about. Have paranoid sz son and Alzheimer dementia mom as well as a daughter in law with a chronic life shortening illness. Promise no details :wink:

I am an numbers/contract type person. Also not what I thought I would do with my life. I grumbled when my dad steered me in that direction. I wanted to be in interior design! But it served me well. The creative side however has resulted in my view of home walls being like a coloring book to be recolored every few years. Recently I had to admit I am no longer able to do this well and hired a room done. I love it. Hubs…well he is resigned to it :slight_smile:

I also enjoy working in the yard creating pockets of color. I married a man who thought 1950s landscaping is they way to go. It was slow going, but he has to admit the yard is not boring any longer. Started working on my veggie garden plan as well as the pockets of color…unfortunately some poison ivy found me. I started well prepared but took off the gloves as I weirdly like the feel of dirt when digging in the garden. Poison ivy rash…not so much. When will I learn!!!

Last week we lost our family dog when he was hit by a car while I was out looking for him. On other threads you can read my son is going through some trouble. Had been holding up well, but the loss of my dog well, he was my annoying, smelly, messy companion on late troubling nights. My middle son thinks I should get a new one but I cant yet. He was a rescue dog and if you are seriously considering an older dog rescue one! He was honestly the best dog we ever had.

And African violets while very pretty are not the easiest to grow so don’t be too hard on your self. :slight_smile:


I find gardening is the most therapeutic activity. I am in constant search for plants which the deer won’t devour!


I am Carl and I am 55 and living in a small town in upstate New York. I am married to a wonderful woman named Shellie.

We have three kids. My son is 20 and is studying finance at Messiah College near Harrisburg PA.

My 2 daughter are in high school.
One is about to graduate.

I have a small black and white Shih Tzu named Oreo.

I love reading. My favorite TV show is Doctor Who… been watching it since the mid 70s… Also a Trekkie

I love music of all kinds…
Everything including classical, jazz, country, rock, indie, alternative, etc.

My job is a computer programmer for mid sized insurance company. My wife is a 3rd grade teacher at the small Christian school my girls go to.


Hello to all of you, good to hear about your lifes. My husband and I are retired, we’ve been doing alot of clean up around our home. We live in a forest area, beautiful NorCal. Small town called Willits, CA. The community we live in is a subdivision called Brooktrails.
I also love working in my yard and painting rocks, canvas and glass, also and avid golfer, we get plenty of exercise and the weather has been beautiful!
Just an update about our son, Lou was recently transferred back to the state hospital in SoCal. We did speak with him. We still have very little contact or information about his situation. But he is in good hands, also have two wonderful daughters and a grandson who are all the joys of my life.
Take care AnnieNorCal

These are my girls and grandson, taken last winter, a snow day in the sierras



I have been using this photo taken on our trip in Mystic at the Aquarium as my avatar picture… the daughter I have been sharing about is in the front with my wife.

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