Destroys TV computer laptop. ROKU modem because of voices


Oh and I forgot to mention that he has had more phones because "someone " is hacking them. A few weeks ago we went to Verizon and the person working there said he never saw a phone with so many passwords and screen locks. All of the apps were disabled and not any where they were supposed to be. Most of the time he uses the phone for just listening to music or asking google stupid questions and has it read the answers aloud. Constantly blocks numbers.
Ignores calls or just doesn’t turn it on. A very expensive so called radio. 900.00. Must be nice!
As of right now he is busy talking or should I say mumbling to himself. He very rarely answers my questions and he bounces subjects so many times that my head is going to spin off
He loves or should i say making me upset by saying awful terrible evil and nasty LIES about me and my family
I know hes ill…but he kmows what hes doing to a certain extent. He knows what really hurts and does it the more.


My daughter loves to throw some of our things out when we are not home. Cell phones, MP3 players, decorative items, my bicycle, etc… My husband and I are discussing eventually selling our current home, moving to another state, and buying a duplex or triplex so we can live separately from my daughter, but still take care of her. (It is the long term plan of what do I do for my daughter when I can no longer really care for her that stresses me out, even more than living with her now stresses me out). We are lucky that we bought our home really cheap, own it outright, and live in a desirable metro area where property values have 3Xd in the last 5 years, as otherwise the potential move would be impossible to consider.


My son is making holes in the walls and got rid of most of the contents in his house. Says peaple are coming in and rewiring everything. And there making the holes he is getting quite scary when I tell him that there was no one in the house he gets very hostile and angery. When I am around him I am so stressed it breakes my heart to see what’s happening when he is not with me I worry and stress all the time. I am worred that he will go to my 90 year old mother thatblives alone for money he did that once.