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Diagnosis Changed F21 ---> f25.2! Is this good or bad?


My son is 30 years old, and 13 years have schizophrenia.
He used 6 years pills riset together with mendelex, and now (7 years) use
Clozapine with Nozinane and Mendelex.
He has before diagnosis F21.
Before two years He began very often to obtain attacks with big disturbs!
He tells me that it is negative sense in the head, or in the spine or something similar.
He usually obtain attack when have changes of the weather, or When he is hungry,
or when he is very tired.
We usually solve that situation with give him pill of loram, and lexilium and tea for
Calm him.
Now he obtained diagnosis F25.2!
Does that diagnosis (F25.2) is worse than F21?
For these attacks doctors haven’t solution!
How we can solve these attacks?!
I read that clozapine pills are disaster!
What is good substitute for pills clozapine?

Thank You

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I am not too familiar with these acronym F21 and F25.9

I found this link that many help:

The Diagnosis of Psychosis

Don’t believe everything you read…my son has been on clozapine successfully for several years and it put all of his most serious symptoms in remission. I owe his health and stability to that drug. Granted it is not for everyone. Everyone is a different patient with these meds. However, I would not refuse the drug based on something I read and if my son’s illness was as serious as it was…and it was very serious. Today he is doing well. I hope you find the right treatment for your son.

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Good question OP

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Thanks for posting that - I hadn’t seen it before.

My son’s most recent diagnosis is F20 & I had never read this before:
“Disturbances of affect, volition and speech, and catatonic symptoms, are either absent or relatively inconspicuous.”

I think he’s headed for a F25.0 diagnosis, which amazes me that he didn’t get that before since he only gets sick enough for hospitalization when he stops sleeping for at least 5 days, which would probably be defined as mania.

@coolboy - since my son has kind of progressed like yours has, I’ll share the latest addition to his mix that seems to have helped a lot. I’m not familiar with the meds you listed other than clozapine, but my son definitely needs both an anti-psychotic to keep the paranoia & delusions under control and he needs a mood stabilizer to help keep his mood stable.

He came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago & they had added Tegretol, which is a mood stabilizer. It helps him sleep and it seems to be working very well.

He’s at the stage today where his shot wears off. If it wasn’t for the mood stabilizer, he’d be entering another manic phase where he stays up for days. Last month, it was 8 days before he ended up in the hospital.

If your son bounces between mania & depression, I’d think it could help that too. There are other mood stabilizers out there too - I have no idea why this one is the first they tried.


My grandson got his life back thanks to Clozapine. He is back to work, making friends, driving and gets better all the time. He was hospitalized to bring the therapeutic level of Clozapine up quickly. Within 5 days you could see it was working for him. He has not been hospitalized again. It’s been a life saver