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Do any of you have a loved one who isolates/ or have you gotten them out of isolation?


Does your daughter know this or can you tell her she still needs to take it? I’m going to have my sons doctor talk to him about the neurotransmitters and how they are off balance and that the shot he gets balances it out. My understanding is people with sz have too much dopamine but I want the doctor to explain that further - hoping my son will start to get the picture.


There is a big problem with this system. How can you help your child. With every forced hospitalization makes things worse. My son thinks that we just want to harm him. Now he’s not coming to my placevin fear of being druged and dragged to the hospital from the police. He lives in another city. We’re going to have to do a form 2 on him I don’t know how that’s going to end up. I am so scared I can’t eat or sleep. Diane my sons doctor explained to my son about the dopamine he didn’t believe any of it. I tried to explain it just a few days ago my son said f-the dopamine.


Hi @Margi and @DianeR . I understand about the dopamine and wish it was easy to explain and accept to a person with sz. Maybe a therapist could get them to listen, but @Margi your son won’t go, and @Diane4 being forced to sort of overrides willingness. I know when I am forced to do anything against my will, I just don’t want to give in.

With my daughter, as soon as she finds out she no longer is being charged with a crime and that she doesn’t have to be medicated, I doubt she will want to continue. She just doesn’t SEE the benefit of what the medicine does for her, just as she doesn’t SEE when she is acting psychotic. It’s impossible for her to see either wellness or chemical disorder in herself. SHE thinks she is well all the time. I’m sure you are both very familiar with this oddity.

I don’t understand how it is possible. At first, I wouldn’t accept that it is possible, but through NAMI, Dr. Amador, this site and a few doctors who tried to explain to me, I’ve finally accepted she just CAN’T see her illness or wellness on the meds. Ugh, anosognosia, the worst curse.

She has to call the Sheriff’s office on Tuesday for her supervised ROR. When she calls in I assume they will tell her the charges were dropped and she doesn’t have to call in anymore… and then she’ll probably figure out she doesn’t have to see the p-doc or get the shot anymore… I’m going to let her find out on her own, and see what happens.

I wish you both the best in sorting out your journeys too.


I’m so sorry. I know the stress that goes along with this. What is a form 2? Stay with us here so we know how you are. My hell was (well for years) but the whole thing came to a head last spring/summer and even through Oct with a court issue.


Thank you Diane, a form 2 is when you go to the Justice of the Peace and apply that the Police come and take my son to the hospital. The problem with this is that my son will fight them says that they are not really the police. He was already tazed and roughed up in the past . This will be the 4th time.


Oldladyblue you couldn’t have said it better my son is just like your daughter he will never see that he has an illness even on medication. This is the biggest problem.


I had to do that. Here it is a mental health hold. I’m sorry that you have to keep getting these for your son. I know it’s very stressful. I had to plug my ears so I didn’t have to hear my son’s pain when they cuffed him. If you want, let us know when you are going to proceed and we can support you through it.


I just had my son formed.he’s in a hospital in another city. I don’t know what’s going to happen if they let him out he said he already called his lawyer. I don’t know how any one can survive this. I can’t stop crying. He will die if he dosn’t get any medication. How can you help your loved. I don’t know if I 'm making any sense.


Deep breaths - You are doing ok. He is now in the best place to get the meds he needs. You took the right steps to get him there. How far away is he? I survived doing this and I’m a wimp so I know you can. I bet they’ll get him court ordered meds.


Really hope your son gets court ordered meds and the paperwork is done correctly this time so the lawyer can’t get it changed back. Hang in there Margi.


Good luck @Margi. It’s going to be OK. Breathe. Hugs.


He’s already contacted that lawyer. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow then have his car towed to his place. My son keeps calling me to make sure I bring him lots of food because he will not eat the hospital food.


@Margi , I can only hope that the hospital can get him on a med that breaks the psychosis. I can’t talk to my daughter about her illness (what illness? she can’t see it) BUT it seems that she realizes she needs help to live, get some more education, and perhaps find a job. She had a longgggg conversation with me tonight about her future, her past, and right now. I never knew so much was locked up inside of her till tonight. But for three years she could not (was not able) to talk about her plans, dreams or even how she felt. This is after 6 weeks on the haldol long acting injection. It was her 5th hospitalization 6 weeks ago.

I hope that your son’s illness allows SOME sort of path to more mental clarity and less upset for you both. You are right to have gotten him into the hospital in my opinion. I hope you have time to breathe yourself for these days.


Oldladyblue £ Diane thank you for your support I know now that this was the only thing left to do. The police picked him up when he was sitting in his car. He didn’t resist so now he’s in the hospital . Now I have to start from the beging again. The police officer said she could not beleave that he was only 44 because he was so thin really not looking well. My son is very angry but I know now that I had no other choice.


I’m glad you got him there and I bet he’ll start eating the hospital food soon. You probably know this but I think there are a lot of rules regarding what food you can bring them. Like no caffeine after noon and stuff like that. I’m guessing they have started him on some meds. Don’t worry about him being angry. I’m sure that will pass as well. My son was in for 3 weeks wanted nothing to do with me and paced the halls most of the time. Hang in there.


Margi, I really hope that lawyer learned a lesson. Money isn’t everything. People’s lives are at stake.

I’m so sorry you had to go through this again.


I am glad you realize that this is the best choice you could have made, @Margi . The journey for all concerned with this illness is almost unbelievable as I look backwards in time. The break up of my relationship with my sons, the forcing of my daughter into the hospital and onto drugs repeatedly, the horrible failure one feels in trying to break through the delusions to get the loved one help, the hatred I feel for myself sometimes for the things I’ve done which would have been impossible for me to consider doing 4 years ago… such sadness that most of the world would never understand as the most serious thing they worry about is paying bills…

I know your journey is different, but just as unbelievable and difficult. I wish you peace and hope and doctors who help.


I just found out that my son talked to the lawyer and he will be coming up to get him out of the hospital. Now I 'm feeling sick to my stomach again this lawyer has never lost. He’s the worst kind of human there is living of sick people.


Is there anyway you and or the doctor can make a statement to the judge that your son needs medical help? (is. - is not eating). You should be able to write to the judge at least. I’m so sorry about this. How does this lawyer even have a conscious.


@Margi I am sorry that your son is retaining a lawyer who goes against your wishes for your son. That is a tough situation. From my view, I can understand your son’s wishes to not be held involuntarily, and I can understand your wishes to get your son help. The lawyer is probably not a bad guy (I work with lawyers) but his feelings align with your son’s to not be forced into medication. It IS your son’s right to hire a lawyer, and the lawyer’s right to help your son. I think perhaps there is a lesson in there for you, I hate to say, since your son is strong enough to fight you legally. I know you are supporting him greatly financially, so it would be awful, but is he using your money to hire the lawyer? (money you gave him?) Perhaps you have to just cut him off financially if he keeps fighting your actions this way. Oh what a terrible problem this illness is for you, you care so much for him, and you are just trying to help him.