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Do I tell my mom about the earthquake?

One did not happen, but one is inevitable and will have an effect she’s delusional about. He voices have told her before that to keep california from falling into the sea, she has to rip out her hair and stuff it in her nostrils and ears. Except for the hair ripping, the rest seems random to me. But california is sitting on a tectonic shelf, ready to fall into the ocean at the next megaquake, which is overdue. Should I tell her about it if she’s ever upset? Cuz earthquakes have nothing to do with her, but neither does california falling into the ocean.

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I would not tell her that.

If she’s not in the right state of mind, you’ll only reinforce her delusions at best.
At worst, you’ll trigger her.

She’ll find some way that it’s still her fault & her responsibility.

I would ignore it as much as possible & either get her on meds if she’s not on any, or get her reevaluated if she is.

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No, I would not tell her that. It would not be helpful to her.