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Do you guys ever have instances like this

At the weekend we stayed a few days at my parents, so me, my husband , son and our dog (got good parents):thinking::astonished:

Son was ok, quite quiet but fine, he was on the internet on my husbands computer, it’s his works laptop, son often does this when hubby isn’t using it as he doesn’t have ant computers etc now.

My son I noticed was looking at the company’s homepage for a little while, then it started, he seen a string of letters like this ¥$%!"[~#%dog&@!/-boikopo.
In the URL, it wasn’t the word dog but a word that is relevant to my sons delusion , one the the most fixed ones anyway.
My son started raising his voice saying “they” were attacking and trying to get at him from husbands computer now. We said it was pure random letters, why oh why it had to be that such word that some of the letters made I will never know. Bad bad luck I guess for us.

He then had a rant and a bit of a swear saying his dad never stood up,to,them , he was never a man and let them do,this to him etc etc. My mum and I tried to ignore it, I looked at my son saying all this and was sad, sad that the realisation of him actually believing this. Hubby was very angry , he has been patient but this got him. My mum told hubby he had to just distract and ignore this.

Then today two days later son in a bit of a mood says that a board game we played at my parents on sat was aimed at him, there were questions about countries, ports, etc cropped up in the game, son said his gran had bought game to give him warning that he was going to be kidnapped to these places mentioned , another fixed long term delusion .

Do,you,any you guys still have incidents like this.? Thanks for reading .


Yes all the time, very normal… lol


The url thing is a big problem when my family member is very symptomatic.

What Happens with your family member?

In a strange way that’s reassuring lol

Yes, this is familiar behavoir exhibited by my (ex) husband. Don’t worry about the dog url; chances are he’d find something else on line that fits,hisdelusional beliefs.

For a while, my husband feared white cars. Of course we were seeing them everywhere when we were driving together. Turns out, in NJ where we lived, it was less expensive to insure a white car, then, say a red one which debilities risky driving behaviors. So, maybe we were seeing more white cars on the road than usual. I don’t know. They say thatl even paranoids have enemies😊

We are never gonna convince them, I get it now but still try . Can’t help trying even though I know it’s useless.

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Om, the urls are experienced as tracking or “targeting” my family member. It seems like when things get very bad this becomes more and more distressing.

It’s called “delusions of reference” and it seems like many people with sz experience it in one way or another.

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Hey, I’ve had all kinds of delusional stuff on the computer. Also dx with SZ. It’s really strange dealing with delusions of reference. You’re always looking for clues to fit your delusions. Maybe remind him it’s just words on a screen. And acknowledge he feels threatened by it. But this is just a feeling. Idk hope that helps.


My son has had similar stuff happen. Not with the URL, but he’d tell me random stuff would pop up on the computer.

When he gets really bad, he’d tell me either people were talking to him through the computer - or the computer itself was talking to him.

We spend a lot of time with all electronics other than my work computer turned off. I tell him since it’s connected to work, they block everything that’s not work related with the Firewall. They do block a lot of social networking and other stuff, so it’s halfway true. He seems OK with that, but not OK enough to let me install anything on his laptop.

Most of the time, his Nintendo DS (gameboy) is OK - or he can listen to music on his cell phone.
Sometimes, he feels OK with streaming videos instead of connecting to broadcast or cable. I guess he feels more in control of it.

He’s also said that people in the movies come right up to the screen and talk to him and all kinds of other stuff.

I think they fit almost everything into their delusions when they’re symptomatic.


Yep. Makes sense thanks for replying.

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Thank you, yes keep doing just that.

Yes this is very similar , sounds a lot like my son too. My son would t go on computers for about six months after coming out hospital just over a year ago.
My mum bought him a smartphone, I put the contract on my account. He wouldn’t use it as a phone, only for wifi or music. After about two months it developed a fault and wouldn’t charge. We took it to the store and as it was under guarantee still they said fine they will send it off to Samsung and be repaired free . That was a big fat NO from my son, as of course the person who would fix it would be a set up to steal his info.

So a brand new phone with still only 10 months calls , data etc was useless.

I still feel our sons are so similar. Do,you ever get from him when asked a question “I don’t know but it just is”. He can never substantiate or prove anything . Course I know that’s part of the illness.

I very rarely get an I don’t know from him - he has always reasoned out everything in his mind before he talks about it.

And, if he gets stumped, it’s not for long.

I don’t question much because I’m afraid to reinforce anything even more than it is.

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A lot! Distract and tell them they should stay off the computer for awhile. Nothing can each them if they aren’t plugged in. That seems the only way I can think of that actually works. My sons was somewhere he shouldn’t have been despite blocks and saw something that really scared him. He thought it was from the government and was meant to scare him. He started ranting on Facebook. Do your loved ones do Facebook? Do you monitor it?

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Do your loved ones do Facebook?

He avoids the computer unless looking for clues to fit what he believes, but FB is an absolute NO, but if he did, I think I would monitor it.
Part of the issue with tech is it is true you are being monitored to some extent. The same with GPS in cell phones, you can be tracked. Of course he believes it is far more intrusive and dangerous, so for he most part will avoid the internet and cell phone. The difficulty right now is he is moving and has no land line and his cell phone broke, He is not inclined to replace it for the aforementioned reason. My elderly mother is getting a Jitterbug phone and am hoping he will go along with that one. If it is not one thing it is another. :persevere:

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No my son isn’t on Facebook, years ago yes but for the last 3-4 years then no. He only goes on his dads laptop to access his soccer forum and twitter, who he believes certain people or rather the police have gave him warnings about stuff.

He only uses a basic mobile phone too, doesn’t give his number freely either. He won’t give it to his nurse or any medical staff, they have to call the landline or my cell phone.

It’s true we are monitored to a certain extent and I think when my son hears something like that that we don’t bat an eyelid at then it really reinforces his beliefs !

Here we have a popular uk soap on tv, it’s unbelievable that a couple of recent storylines that are similar to his delusion but he had the delusion before the storyline. Of course they are quite topical, like cyber crime, kidnap etc, yes extreme in some of them.

I’m dreading an upcoming one with some sort of terrorism content in it, can you believe that!! It’s one of his delusions about him being used as a terrorist.

He probably won’t see the soap though. Or rather I probably won’t let him.

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My son does a little bit of Facebook - more so when he’s sick than when he’s well, and I do monitor it.

TV and movies can be very tirggering for him, and he must realize it. He won’t watch much on live TV - either broadcast or cable.

He watches a lot of YouTube, Netflix & Amazon TV including recordings of radio shows from previous days. I guess he thinks if he’s choosing it, and it’s pre-recorded, then he has more control? He has a lot of things he’ll watch over & over & over too - those don’t seem to trigger him either. Sometimes, he’ll say he was part of a show or he was on it one time - or even that a talk radio show called him once, but nothing in the present like it has been at times in the past.

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Definately see a difference in your son since he has been on clozapine.
Mine is upstairs right now just having returned from his appointment with the psychologist, he even went into the local shop to get me some crisps (chips)

When I dropped him off at the station I seen him stand and look at his wallet, and give a young man something, I asked him when he came in and the young man had asked him for £1 for bus fare, my son said to me, i don’t mind doing that once in a while but I wouldnt be taken advantage of so don’t worry mum , that was nice to hear that he is still on the ‘ball’ so to speak.