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Does anyone know how Michigan handles someone when they turn 18?

My son is going to be 18 in 3 weeks. The Dr. has made comments about the state taking over custody of him if he goes into a psychosis/doesn’t come out of this psychosis and needs to be hospitalized or his hospitalization continued. I don’t understand how that would happen or why the State would get involved that way. Does anyone know of anything we can do now to protect him from something like that happening? The Dr. is saying in Michigan that mental health isn’t covered by guardianship, and I’m wondering what it is I’m missing. I’m very frightened and confused.

What I would do is google a local Social Security lawyer, call them, and ask if they can recommend another type of attorney. I don’t know who would specialize in this, but I’m pretty sure that the SS lawyer will have had some experience with something like this.

There are two key groups that focus on this type of issue - here is information about them. I recommend you call them and tell them about your situation and they should be able to help you:

The Treatment Advocacy Center

and The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law:

Bazelon has a ton of info on their site to - for example check out this page:,ProductNumber

Don`t know if this would help you-but it may be better for you to take guardianship. Get a lawyer. His health benefits should not be affected by this, but I guess every state could be different on this.
Talk to an attorney.