Does my mom care that the way she acts hurts me?

This is my first time here. Sorry if my post is too long I just need to let it out.

My mom does not have a formal diagnosis of schizophrenia because she has refused to see a doctor for it ever since the delusions started. Basically she went from a very high paying job to $6,000 left in her bank account over the last 4 years (which is basically nothing because she is in a very high cost of living area). She was living with her parents for a while but moved out and completely stopped talking to them when they refused to cosign an apartment for her. After all of this I am the only person who talks to her because she no longer believes her parents are who they say are. She has completely cut herself off from all of her family, who she used to be very close to. When ever I visit she makes me feel bad for not spending all my time with her and wanting to see my grandparents and cousins. The holidays are very hard for me because they use to be my mom’s favorite time of year and I always had so much fun being around the whole family.

I invited her to come with me to Thanksgiving at her brother’s house and she said no and that she needs to tell me things about them when I come to see her. I know exactly what she is going to say. She is going to tell me that they all sexually abused ME (they absolutely did not) and that they have money they are withholding from her. She tells me this for “my own safety” yet when I go over there she only gets upset because I am not spending my time with her.

I have told her I do not like it when she says those things to me and that I know my own body and life better than her. That only makes her give me a condescending look like I am a child who does not understand. I can’t help but feel like she does not actually care about my feelings and that she is constantly just trying to manipulate me in to doing what she wants. Pretty much anyone she feels has wronged her in some way, becomes the fixation of her delusions and I am terrified that will happen to me. Are these manipulative behaviors a symptom of schizophrenia or is she just kinda a shitty person who also happens to have severe psychosis?


It sounds like psychosis and delusions and she doesnt know reality and may very well be believing it (maybe it happened to her, and is part of abuse which can lead to schitzophrenia). Is there anyway you can get her to a psychiatrist, councelor and get medication, and diagnosis?
I had a really good one near us in Nevada that came to the house and met with my son. Talked and then met again, and made her observation and we set a zoom or phone call to psychiatrist.
I even later when we moved just called psychiatrist and had dual phone call with both. Then he prescribed medications… It helped my son alot…however he is now refusing to take again, so Im waiting for another episode of out of reality