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Energy Drinks, Caffeine and Psychosis

A note to people - something to keep in mind:

Energy drinks may provoke psychotic relapse in patients with schizophrenia

Consuming energy drinks may lead to psychotic relapse in some patients with treated schizophrenia, an expert says In a letter published in the latest Medical Journal of Australia, Prof David Menkes, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Auckland, describes the case of a 27-year-old New Zealand Maori man with diagnosed schizophrenia

Demon Shots, widely available in Australia and New Zealand, contain 200 mg caffeine, plus taurine, B vitamins and guarana, which may have other stimulant properties

“This case provides evidence that some patients with treated schizophrenia may be vulnerable to exacerbation of their illness by caffeine-containing ’energy drinks’,” Prof Menkes said.

The Medical Journal of Australia is a publication of the Australian Medical Association

and related research:



and many other studies (these don’t have abstracts unfortunately):

When I was in the sober house people would drink those like fiends…ive never had one…I reckon it hits harder than coffee and I was having enough problems with anxiety from half cup of coffee at the time didn’t seem worth it regardless.

I reduced my caffeine intake from 4 cups of coffee to 2 cups of coffee in the morning. I don’t drink energy drinks, don’t like the taste of them.

2 is a healthy amount…they say u can drink 3 in a day but 4 was pushing it for sure. I usually have 3 but I do it strategically

anything that over stimulates…

a few years ago… I was dumb and drank a few to many of those over a hard week…

blew the senses wide open… hyper sensitive to everything… light… noise… touch…

and racing thoughts… energy I couldn’t burn off… messed up my ability to sleep…

then the crash…

I stay away from those now.

Interesting news, I am a caffeine addict and drink a lot of coffee, it is a habit, I try not to drink coffee in evenings in order to sleep better, but then in the morning I need to have some. I believe that the heavy use of caffeine causes lack of sleep which may result in additional symptoms, I have had this habit since my childhood.

My son drank these when he was on meds. Wonder if that was helping to cause seizures?
He still drinks them-along with lots of soft drinks, but no longer has seizures.
Those drinks are poison!

you can relapse while drinking milk, it doesn’t matter if your going to relapse your going to relapse regardless of what you consume on a daily basis…

I definitely had an episode because of excessive caffeine recently. Since then, I limit myself to one small cup in the morning. I tried going cold turkey, but I just couldn’t handle it.

Ya same thing happened to me on the job. I had went nuts after a couple monsters. My sensitivity to sounds and stimulation was over 9000.

My son (to say he HATES the hospital would be an understatement) drank a Monster energy drink when he was on a high dose of Haldol. He begged me to take him to the hospital right away…said he’d need a good 4 days in there. He was terrified on the reaction, which fortunately calmed after several hours.

I am a strange fella. Caffeine has never done anything for me. It does not give me an energy boost or anything. I drink coffee with flavored creme for the taste. It is so good with toast in the morning. MMMM can’t wait untill morning now.

Wow. Makes me glad that my roommate is already so conscientious about not taking anything with more caffeine than a Coca Cola.