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Ex has been committed:advice please

My ex spouse, whom I am still close to, was involuntarily committed to a psych hospital. He was there over Christmas. I can’t visit him due to distance.

Anyway, he has relayed to me some concerns that I would like tip try to help with. He told me that they wanted to increase his Geodon, but he refused. So they won’t give it to him anymore at the lower dose. Just stopped it altogether, which does not seem right to me.

Also, he says he can’t be released until he has a place to go. They want him to go to a half way house. But he seems to think it’s up to him (or me) to find a place. This also doesn’t sound right to me.

Does anyone know who ( what position —dr, social worker, etc.) that I should call to ask about what the treatment plan is for him?

His mom died recently and he hardly associates w the rest of his family, so I feel I should help. Any advice is welcome!

Best not to allow him into your home. I commend you for helping him but remember not to enable. Helping find him a place is a very kind thing on your part but remember your boundaries and be sure to protect yourself.


Don’t worry: he knows he can’t live with me. I’m in a studio apt in NYC. But I would like to help if I can.

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Hi Jan.

I’m sorry to hear about your ex’s predicament. You’ve always seemed so caring and supportive of him. It must very difficult to be going down this path again.

Regarding the Geoden, from what I understand, abruptly stopping any antipsychotic medication can cause a dramatic increase in positive symptoms. Medications need to be slowly tapered.

Regarding who to reach out to, from our experience, it’s generally the social worker assigned to the case. That person will share information between family and the psychiatrist. In certain situations, the psychiatrist will speak directly to the family. Hopefully your ex has signed a waiver for your communication.

Regarding being released by personal choice, that can only happen after the involuntary hold period ends. In our state it’s 72 hours. After that period of time, the patient can agree to stay in the hospital or the hospital can get a judge to force an extended involuntary hold. It’s best if the patient can be convinced to stay, by family or whoever.

Good luck with this.

See if he’ll give you permission to talk to his doctors, or social worker. They cannot release him without a discharge plan

Thanks Serenity and all for your replies. He’s still there, and still paranoid and angry. The doctor is switching him over to Resperdral. He’s starting at 2mgs which seems low to me.

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