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Feeling frustrated again


Well things were going good for a while and then we hit a snag again last night. I left for a while to go to meeting and when I came home he was obviously annoyed and questioned why I keep going to these meetings. I didn’t answer because the spiritual organization I’m involved in is a huge trigger for him. Later I asked him if I was bothering him and he said, you always bother me. I know it’s the SZ talking but it’s so frustrating and hurtful because I’m the caregiver. It’s like the “biting the hand that feeds you” scenario. I’m meeting with my psychologist today so I’ll discuss with her but I just needed to vent a little. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. :cry:


Thats a type of question that may not invite the best response from him. Perhaps a question that is more directed towards problem resolution - such as this “Is there something I’m doing that is bothering you?” - then you might get a specific response that can move things in a positive direction.