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Feeling very low

it has taken me 5 yrs to accept and stop being in denial or blaming my brother for alcoholic outbursts in his illness

he was (it feels like) murdered by a guy who spiked. and instigated psychotic illness in him 5 years ago. He left full of hope and came back in the beginning of being attacked by an evil group of people.
He is now 50

he has taken out a restraining order through putting her through magistrates court which she has breached and now it goes to crown court.
he has bullied her on line with the help of his family
so she messages and emails him and this is reported to the police
in 5 yrs he has not once changed his email address, not even once

he is evil
He will never be the same
court soon He has had his first psychiatric asessment

I don’t want it to be true that she is lost forever.
Along with my mum, her carer.

i feel like they are both gone

This - i always thought people were being stupid saying that they are not there any more - talking about unwellness in relatives

old pictures show them happy and full of soul

I have felt that way with my daughter…

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