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Feels like living in a thriller movie

This is my first time posting, but I often read others’ posts in hopes that their experiences are similar to ours. However, in finding that every situation is unique, I’ll begin to share what we’ve gone through with our son.

At present, we are his court- appointed guardians (He is 20 and son #3), but it has been of little to no help. In fact, it has trapped us in a sort of hell that used to be our home. We are in the process of transferring guardianship to the state of Missouri so that we will hopefully be able to reclaim our home. Until then, son #3 runs the house, baking marijuana edibles and selling them out of it, assaulting, bullying, stealing from, and downright terrorizing the rest of us. Many nights son #4 and I will find other places to go so we can be safe and get a full night’s rest. My husband’s apron strings are much stronger than my own, and he enables and defends, giving money to our son (which is always spent on drugs). He says he will never allow him to be homeless, which means divorce is inevitable if I ever want peace from the chaos. DH has suggested getting him an apartment, but I tell him he will sell drugs out of it, allow criminals to reside in it with him, and very likely destroy the structure itself. I am at wits end and refuse to help someone who will not be helped. DS #3 tells us we caused him brain damage and caused his testicles to shrink by forcing medication on him, that he is going to sue us, etc… He has been hospitalized seven times in two years, each time having resulted from him threatening to kill his family.

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Welcome to the forum.
There are lots of people here who will relate, this is a good place.

Thank you for my small gratitude. on hearing that this is a male manifestation of the illness, while we 3 were all cursed with schizophrenia, my god, at least all the abuse and violence has been in the female form.

I can’t believe how scary your situation must be, and I think that could be a deal breaker, the physical let alone the emotional expense

My mum lives with daughter 3 for 7 years, 6.5 spent with daily alcoholic shouting with delusional state… now post addiction, all that is left is the psychosis and depression and suicidal ideation
I have only been up close to schizophrenia in females

I’m schizophrenic too, 14 years in remission
I’m sorry for your situation