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First schizophrenia attack for 44 year old son

Hi, I’m very nervous as I pick my son up from the hospital on Monday the 2nd after suffering his first attack 2 weeks ago.

Our son is 44 years old and has had some minor mental problems since birth but never, never did we expect what happened and the diagnosis of schizophrenia! I have been reading and reading and only get more confused.

I am 69 and my husband 76 and we love our son but have no idea as to how handle this with him coming home. He resides in a 5th wheel on our property and wants to go back down there which is fine.

I just feel so overwhelmed as this came as such a shock. Our son has been working part time and don’t know if he will be able to return.

He owns nothing and I’m worried about his medicines being supplied since he really has no money. Any information anyone can give will be appreciated.

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I know that the diagnosis of schizophrenia can come as a shock to people but don’t get too caught up in any given diagnosis (they frequently change over time). The important thing is to make sure his symptoms get addressed and try to help him taking positive steps with his life.

Generally, a diagnosis later in life is suggestive of a more positive outcome than a diagnosis earlier in life - and its actually very rare in people over the age of 40s.

I recommend you get in contact with your Local NAMI office to get their suggestions on local resources for your son to help in his recovery. Also - try to get him to an early psychosis treatment center if there is one close to you - for therapy and medications.

Here are some links:


Early Psychosis Treatment Centers:

More info:

A Good book to read:

Thank you for the information.

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