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Getting better?

My wife meds were increased on Tuesday. I noticed a big change on Thursday night. Now she says that she has no problems, and is better. Not sure if this is true, but she does seem back to normal. Should I still be concerned.

Absolutely. If the meds work, that is why they need to be taken. It sounds like she doesn’t really understand that she is sick with a lifelong illness (although I understand the illness can change over time, there is not a cure). Put this back on the doctor who prescribed the medication. If the prior dose wasn’t working, then how the heck does she think stopping it entirely will help? Of course she does not, because the illness prevents her from being able to see this! Tell her she must talk to her doctor before making any changes. Read the book, I Am Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help but Dr. Xavier Amador. It will change the way you talk with her and I expect you will be amazed at the results.