Getting Long-term Help For SZ Brother in Texas

Sorry that I haven’t been responding. This is ongoing.

I’ll try to update if I can when things calm down and are (hopefully) resolved.


No worries, we know that everything takes time.

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The key with giving help is to keep trying. The path to helping someone with schizophrenia is a very crooked path but the key is to keep trying to help: keep finding ways to help. Baby steps later lead to big changes is what I found. When one thing blocks your path, then you have to slightly alter the path, and keep it moving forward.



We are at the point where the facility says he can’t live on his own. But there is no place for him to go (without paying big dollars).

He can’t live with me for several reasons. But I’m happy to be nearby and help him. I just can’t watch him 24/7. (Sorry if that sounds awful of me)


No @BigSis , it isn’t awful of you to not be able to live with or watch your brother 24/7. It is so very hard to live with a person in psychosis. I do hope that some kind of solution is out there for him.

Short Update:

After being turned down by multiple nursing homes despite being 60, I found a group home that seems to specialize in older mentally ill people.

My brother was very happy there for about three months. Then he started to have extreme anxiety attacks (even though he was compliant with taking Meds).

His psych doctor prescribed a shot of Invega, which really seemed to throw him for a loop. Within a couple days he was non-compliant, wandering the streets, and climbing out the window.

He’s back in the behavioral center, but not complying at all. Acting extremely aggressive, talking to people who aren’t there…

I feel like I might be back to square one. And there’s another problem that caught me totally by surprise.

I’ll right about that in a separate thread though.

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