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Getting more coverage for SMI

I wanted to share my blog, recently published by the APA Foundation, because it relates to being caregivers and trying to hang onto a job. I hope folks will find my story echoes their own, but also, I thought having something “in print” might help some of you in your workplace.

I think two of the suggestions would be pretty painless for employers to consider

  • being supportive of employees with MH issues (themselves or in their family)
  • requiring a parity audit of their coverage (right now, if we experience a parity violation we have to figure that out & figure out how to sue - how about employers make sure they are compliant with the law?)

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Thank you, Monica. This is all really important for those on the forum who are in the workforce in these ways.

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Thanks Monica. It’s good to hear your story. How is your son now?

Well… he has spoken to me in 10 years, but I hear that he’s mostly living independently… not exactly sure how.

I’m guessing you mean has not. Have you considered reaching out? Or best to let it be?

Thanks for posting this. I have been incredibly lucky to have understanding bosses who have allowed me to take care of my granddaughter. I continue to struggle with work/caregiving balance, always worried that I am taking advantage of a good situation, always afraid of how not being at work all the time will impact productivity. I believe, I am still doing a good job, but retirement crosses my mind frequently.


I am also “Omi” to my grandchildren :slight_smile:

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