Girlfriend in big legal trouble any advice

I live in Northern Ky and my girlfriend who I have been with for 8 years started to change 4years ago.Her mindset became different than what I was use to.When we first met she was very sure of what she wanted in life.Extremely hard working,kind loving and the Apple of her families eye.She was honest ,dependable and an absolutely a great partner.Then at 36 or years old all hell broke loose.She out of no where became the person at the other end of the spectrum.Dishonest,hidden,not caring about work ,family me etc.She became addicted to Meth but I knew something else was wrong.After many unexplained instances of out of the norm acts and trips to hospitals she was diagnosed Schizophrenic.Now it all seemed to make since.We had a lot of heartache and confusion how could she change to the person she was now all of the sudden.From kind and gentle to obnoxious ,paranoid burning Bibles saying she is sent by Satan etc.It got really ugly and I forced her to the hospital by lying to her.Long story short after the diagnoses she got treatment and really got mentally better but her looks declined ,she gained a lot of weight.She talked to her Dr and since she was doing so good she allowed her to stop her medicine.All was good until 2years later when I noticed some difference in her.I ask her if all was OK and she said yes why?Well on November 3/2015 life changed to not so good to tragic.According to her as she heard voices tell her she went to Walmart tried to steal two Ky shirts to get her dad out of a nursing home to go to talk to President Obama about the plight of underprivileged children.She was stopped by security and again the voices told her she had to get away and she ran got into her car and while driving and eluding the police the voices told her she was being chased by disciples of Satan.She not understanding what she was doing got into a three car accident.She according to the prosecutor knew what she was doing I know different.That is not her!! She feels great remorse although no one had life threatening injuries.She has been charged with criminal assault in the first degree along with other serious charges which could get her in prison for most of her life.Her mental illness was to blame not her.i know there was no criminal intent.Do you have any idea on what could help her defend herself?Any information would be great.

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Maybe, but everything you described is expectable when a bible belter gets hooked on speed.

If the speed owns her now, she might as well be a pod-in-the-head zombie. My policy with drug addicts whose brains are owned by the drug is to tell them they’re going to rehab and they’re going to stay there for at least three months. Or pack your bags and get out. Because the person we once knew is in fact dead and gone.

She will steal everything you own before long. That’s what they do.

(Work with hundreds of drug addicts in rehabs for 28 years and see if you feel any differently.)

Is there a possibility that she is using drugs again? Drugs can trigger schizophrenia and/or symptoms.

Get a good lawyer and see if you can get her into dual diagnosis treatment. In case you don’t know, dual diagnosis is for people who are mentally ill and drug addicted. Start thinking of all the positive things about her you can for if you’re asked to testify in court.

Thankyou for your response.Started to document everything soon after this all occurred,including the last several years so we are on the same page.