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Good news and advice

So I just got my fiancé Baker Acted. His health has gone done extremely. Yesterday he was violent and the police came, but said he didn’t fit the criteria for a Baker Act and that I could either press charges or file an Ex Parte. So I didn’t press charges because one of the cops told me that it wasn’t good for a person like him to be in jail because he wouldn’t get the help he would need and told me to get an Ex Parte. So an Ex Parte is basically a paper that anybody who has observed the person in question can fill out to get them involuntarily committed for a mental health evaluation. I went to the Family and Civil court and got the papers, filled them out with the help of a mental health specialist and went back home to acquire evidence. You see, every month I would record by paper or photo or voice recordings, what was going on with him. So I had like 6 progress reports so far, these included persisting behaviors, delusional beliefs, and any advancement or regression in his conditions. It would include times or dates of the things that occurred and an explanation of what happened or my observations on him. So I submitted that and I submitted 5 pictures of his room. I submitted all the medications and supplements he’s taken in the past as well. And I submitted the Ex Parte form, plus I printed out some of the things he wrote and took some sticky notes he had written down about delusional things and illegible handwriting, which is common with patients with schizophrenia. Usually this takes 10-20 days to be processed and be seen by a judge and it seems to be a thing in several states and other countries like Canada or Australia. The county clerk told me it would probably be seen by the judge the next day (tomorrow). Also by that time the person would get a notice of the claim filed against them and they get a lawyer and you would have to get one yourself to represent you, unless you think you can represent yourself. So l was ready to do whatever it took. I get home. 5 hours later, the sheriff calls me and asks if he’s still home. I’m like, yes, he’s here. He says they’ll be there in 10 minutes to take him to the hospital because the judge signed it off. I was like, “OMG. OMG. OMG.” I was really sad for him, but also happy that I didn’t have to stand trial against him and that he didn’t have to hear the things I wrote about him or the pictures and any other evidence I submitted. So like, if you have a loved one with a serious mental health condition and needs to be treated, start doing what I did. Pile up evidence. Then do the Ex Parte if it gets out of hand. Just happy that there was something I could do to help him and save his life. I really didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. :slight_smile:


Wow, good news that your loved one is getting help! Good to hear from you, I hope it is only improvement from here.

Good work, @Doctor. I hope your fiance gets the treatment he needs and deserves.

I’m glad you didn’t have to go to court.

Thank you so much, I hope everyone else’s family members on here can get the treatment and help they need in order to reemerge in society as well! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! I totally am too, I think I would have a panic attack if I had to do a real trial! :scream:

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Hi Doc,
What is the Baker Act? Does that commit him for long term treatment?
I’m happy for you and hope that you use this time to take care of yourself!

A Baker Act is an involuntary admission to be hospitalized in order to be mentally evaluated for up to 72 hours in the state of Florida. If the doctors decide the patient needs to be there for a long time, they’ll go to a judge and explain why they feel the patient needs to be observed more. Thank you!