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Guilt of needing a break

The one thing I don’t have to worry about is where he is because he does not go out without one of us with him. He can’t be by himself. He was in the hospital on Feb 12th. got out on Feb 21st. Cut his arm on Feb 23 and was put right back in the same hospital. He’s still there. They think he might be released on March 4th…

Now I have to figure out how or where to hide the knives… I don’t want to give him any more access as possible.

I make sure he knows everything we do. Whether or not he understands…

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I hope the Clozapine is helpful! On a different post you indicated your son had been started on it. Give it sufficient time to work! You may be interested in a book about Clozapine “MEANINGFUL RECOVERY from Schizophrenia and Serious Mental Illness with Clozapine: Hope & Help”. There is a related Facebook page…just search for “Clozapine”.

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