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Has anyone found a good work from home solution for their loved one?

I’m looking for something for my son to do that wouldn’t require too much stress and is flexile.

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Write a book about it all… Web site development…


Both good ideas. I tried that online survey taking. Ends up that you have to take about 80 surveys to get $50. The questions they ask for your profile are probably more info than my son is willing to give.

Does your son want to work?

That is a good question. I believe he does like to work. He was hired (through an organization) at a hotel to do basic folding in the laundry room. The group he went with is an organization that helps individuals with MI get ready to work and then they go as a group to the job a few times a week for a few hours at a time. Apparently, after he got the job and went he did a good job but was acting odd. They thought he was hallucinating and told him in order to keep the job he had to go on medication (and this organization is against medication but thought in his case he needed it). He refused and that was that. Since then (4.5 months ago) he stays home and I give him chores which he did regularly for a while and now it’s hit and miss.

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Our family went through similar. Currently just waiting until family member is well enough to (try to) work again and have all resources for when (if) that happens.

If they are doing okay, I think work in a calm environment with people seems really good for my family member.

We race RC trucks in the front yard… She will never be able to work…

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