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Has anyone found their SZ love one likes to check up on them?


I have noticed my SZ likes to read what I am typing. I find it annoying, if I am on a fandom page, he will read each word I type. For example I would write a post on a pairing like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. He would ask me questions about it. Which he is not into Harry Potter.

Or if I am looking at female forums he wants to know what I am doing or thinking about. Is this part of the condition?



I do find… I get a bit paranoid about stuff… for me it’s kidnappers. I try not to, but I sometimes do monitor over the shoulder of my 18 year old kid sis… hoping she’s not talking to kidnappers on-line. I want to protect her… I want to keep her safe.

Other times… it has nothing to do with my Sz… I want to know what interests her… I spend so much time in my own head… in my own life… I sometimes look at what she’s doing for a change of view. In fact… that’s how I found this site.

She was on this forum before I was… getting some new ideas. I started reading this site and really liked it. So it could just be your loved one is trying to connect and be interested in something new.

Maybe he’s not into harry potter but something about the site interest him… or maybe he’s hoping to connect to something beyond his own head.

I’m sorry it’s frustrating… but at least he’s showing some interest… when I’m in a flattened negative symptom swing… the apathy levels and motivation levels tank and then nothing interest’s me at all… there could be an earth quake and I’d be too flattened to react. (negative symptoms)


My son never showed much interest in what I do online. I think mainly because he knew it had to do with schizophrenia or mental health. I would try to involve him but he usually walked away.

My husband will sometimes stop and look/read. I have no idea why since he has little understanding of the online world and probably can’t tell the difference between MSN homepage and my blog…

Have you tried telling your husband to read it for himself?


Most of the time, if we have an emotional reaction to something, even irritation, there is a reason for that. Have you examined why this gets on your nerves? Is it because you feel like it’s an invasion of privacy, or that it worries you that he’s thinking paranoid thoughts about what your doing, or something else? You can always ask him why he does this and tell him you don’t like it and why…


This may not be related but… there is a thing such as sz guilt. Maybe he’s thinks you feel he isn’t showing enough interest in what you do.

sounds like a great idea.


If he has some paranoia going on-he may be trying to
" catch " you so to speak.
Also, he may be just trying to have a conversation with you–on something besides his MI.
These are just a reasons my son does this.


This isn’t a SZ thing that Iknow of, too many people are nosy, busybodies and if this behavior bothers you, youhavethe right to tell him to stop.
It helps if you explain why you don’t like it, but in a way that lets them understand that it breaks your concentration(?) andthey canread/talk about after you have finished.