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Has invega cleared up your thinking like disorganization? What other benefits?

My wife said her thoughts dont make sense like word salad

I’ve never taken Invega, but I’ll say for neuroleptics in general, they only take you so far on symptoms. Concentration, cognitive impairment, and negative symptoms are the hardest to shake in my experience. Cognitive therapy, occupational therapy and goal based psychotherapy are needed to take recovery to the next level.

Even with this insight and training, I struggle with all of these at times and fall back on coping strategies, tricks and give my self extra time to deal with any inefficiencies. People who watch me post in real-time may notice I often revise posts many times within editing time limits as a coping strategy for fixing mixed tense, poor word choice, grammatical errors and stylistic niceties. I often add extra working hours to compensate for my lack of efficiency.

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