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How are all your Christmas’ going this year, If celebrating?

My mum and sister went to LONDON from a safe area, day before yesterday. More than
2 in 100 have Coronavirus in London

Christmas Day all under control with my in laws and husband but I missed my Christmas Eve when my family always celebrate a German Christmas eve

Hi three. I think almost everyone has had a change in their regular holiday celebrations this year. I am lucky that all three of my children live in the same city I live in. So we all saw each other, but didn’t spend overly long together.


We had a wonderful Christmas and I felt so much gratitude for all the blessings we have right now - the simple things that we took for granted before Covid. Then on Sunday the 27th, my daughter with sza found out that her boss tested positive for Covid. Needless to say, she freaked out. But - she did manage to calm down and is handling the anxiety remarkably well. Her doctor wanted her to wait 5 days to be tested - so day after tomorrow she’ll have the test, then who knows how long until we get the results. So far no symptoms.

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