How do I get help for Brother - UK

Received this by email, please add your suggestions for this person:

My brother is a schizophrenic, manic depressive, bi polar, ADHD for several years.

We finally got him to a UK doctor for treatment and put on “wait list” for psychologist. This doctor/GP really has NO INTEREST in any patient and not helpful.

We had a family member pay for him to get a diagnosis in the USA due to the “wait list”. Do we send in this diagnosis from USA with the list of medications too?

He has been denied TWICE now with PIP.

Please advise what are we supposed to do? He is with CAB and we need HELP!

He is having “highly depressive episodes” that he keeps saying “I told you I should not have done this, etc” How do we get him help when he feels he cannot get help? He will go back to living on streets or sofa surfing and we will have no idea where he is.

who diagnosed him in the first place ?
my friend was diagnosed in australia and the pdoc diagnoses was accepted in the u.k and she went straight on PIP.
why would PIP turn him away if he was sz ?
to be diagnosed, i would get him to see a private shrink/pdoc in the u.k. ( no waiting lists !?! )
your story does not make sense…just saying.
good luck… :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:

You can refer him to the local Early Intervention Service. There should be one for your area. I found my son’s EIS just by googling for it. The EIS can accept a referral from ANYONE. It doesn’t have to be a doctor. It can be a neighbor, social worker, teacher, family member.