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How do you get a person a mental evaluation for potentially being put in an institution?

I need the instructions on this for a person both in a non-psychiatric hospital and also on the street, possibly living with you.

Any real world advice would be appreciated.

Is it as simple as the doctor asking the person if they feel like hurting themselves or others? Is that all that can be done? What if they self injure?

They are not schizophrenic from what I can tell. They have other issues.

They probably have to seek help for themselves.

If they are violent you can call the police. If they are self harming you can take them to the ER.

I’m pretty sure california has special rules about this. Liek 950ing someone or something like that…

I would start with the family doctor, and he can refer you.
if it`s an emergency, go to the ER.

I was told by my psychiatrist( I have severe anxiety, and my sister in law triggers it currently, she is paranoid schizophrenic) when we discussed my sister in law whom I feel is dangerous that I can do one of 2 things. I can cal the police and have them do a welfare check at their place. They will search for weapons signs of drugs and they will talk to them, if they feel that they are a danger to them selves that they will have them brought in for a psych evaluation.
Or I can call her social worker and explain my concerns if she is under the state for help.
Or I can call her doctor and let them know my concerns.
I can take all of her txt messages and letters written to family members and show them to the police, turn them over for evidence. They will take care of it. My worry is when she gets out, what will her retaliation be then if she hates us now for her delusional beliefs.