How do you wrangle a therapist?

I know that perception is a very individual thing. I do understand that my loved ones perception is vastly different then my own. 23 hours of the day I love that about him.

But you know those times when you might be in doc’s office or in therapy with your loved one and even though you both heard the same person talking; it makes you wonder, when you and your loved one takes the info in a completely surprising and originally different directions

first and foremost I NEVER just assume that I’m right and he’s wrong. He might be privy to some backstory that I know nothing about. Sometimes I do have trust my judgement and advocate and hit the breaks. That’s what I’m there for. This new therapist doesn’t seem to want to listen to me.

I usually try to look at the different view point from therapist and my brother both, with a sense of humor if I can. Unless it’s something so surprising I don’t know how to process it. I have brought along a small tape recorder many times and it still didn’t quite help cut the confusion this time.

I know this is vague. But are there any ideas in dealing with a new therapist who seems just as omnipotent as my brother seems surprised and I seem confused? Always open to new ideas. My lifeguard senses are starting to twitch. It might be time to jump in and make a save.

Sure, I don’t get along with my sisters a 100% of the time. But it’s still fun to be around them. We went to the zoo last weekend! And you realize that this therapist is NOT omnipotent, right? Do you think this therapist has a problem with you because you’re so young? Or because you’re a female? My sister came to one of my sessions with my psychiatrist. I was flabbergasted when he ignored her a few times. My sister is smart, articulate, and semi-wordly. I’ve never seen ANYONE ignore her before. I don’t know what my psychiatrists problem was with her. I don’t know what to tell you, if you find this therapist is unbearable, could you shop around for a new one? Or maybe give him time, maybe he just makes a bad first impression.

There are lots of times when I say to my husband did we watch the same thing or have to same conversation because his perception of it or what he took away from it was way different then what I perceived. Honestly I have more problems communicating with my husband then my son :wink:

I’m guessing your listening skills are pretty awesome at this point so this therapist may need a polite nudge of working on her own listening skills. Maybe try phrases like: Can I have 5 minutes to speak and I would like your input when I’m done. That way you are acknowledging that she may have something important to contribute while in a way forcing her to listen so that she will have the opportunity to relay her wisdom. Yes I’m being a little bit sarcastic but it may help her to open up to you and perhaps get past herself if she is coming across as omnipotent. Or try putting a time limit. Half the session for your concerns and half the session for J’s concerns since this is supposed to be for both of you. If you really feel like she is not listening to you then she may not be a good fit.