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How long do we wait?


Looking back on all of the calls I had to make: most of the time, I waited too long. There is this fine line with a small window between calling too early or calling too late. The last time I thought I called to early and when they released him the next day, he was arrested 3 days later for vandalism. He is now in jail for not going to court last month. Then there are times that I definitely waited too long and when that happens, it takes longer for them to come back to reality. That call is a difficult one to make but it is in their best interest that you make the call.


Maggie 19 days may seem long, but there is a solution, file a mental health warrant on him for the new holes in your walls and also let the judge know what else he is doing such as the smoking more pot or being a nuisance in the neighborhood so that they will come take him to the hospital for being off of his meds. If he is taking pills you can request to the new doctors that he should be place on a 1-3 month injection like Invegra Sustain so that he will not have to take an oral pill.


well where i live there is likely nothing you can do since he is not harming himself or anyone else , but if he is punching holes in the wall I would use that to get him to hospital and back on meds. That is violence and the only way here that I can force my son to go to hospital (with police support) is to show that he has been violent or harmful to himself or me. Punching holes in the walls is definitely violent behaviour and not acceptable and you should tell your son that. Doctors say to that you have to give them boundaries like that.
And yes this is hell. I say to myself I cant do this anymore but I keep doing it because I love my son and the alternative is worse.