How long have you been on this journey?


I think it’s a buttercream on yellow night.

But yes, if someone could please just give a damn about helping the top 4%, or whatever the percentage our poor family members fall into.

So tired of all the back patting. The general population of people with mental health issues? It’s not where the real need lies. Help the severely ill homeless people and those in jail. Treat them. Then, pat yourself on the back.

Spend the money where the real need lies. Help us help our top 4%.


my mom was unmedicated for three years but this year we finally got her to take medication to help the delusions, so about three and a half years.

i would say to myself to express what im feeling rather than hold it all in, also you will never get over the trauma so build up good and healthy coping skills. also that you are so STRONG!


Look my story too .my son had 19 was diagnosed in February it’s so hard .first I was so scary seen his behaviors .but I read a lot still nervous with the episodes.but I try day for day .any recommendations for books for me be great thanks


Thanks for posting about your mom beginning to take meds. How is your mom doing? What was the turning point to get her on meds?


Yes, that is the thing I have been struggling with myself: my longing for the “old” life. This is something all of us share in, great sadness and the “how do I cope” problems with a loved one who is so ill. I come here to stay out of my own “pity party” and to gain coping skills. Everyone is so kind. Although it’s only been 2.5 years for our family, the look ahead to the future is what scares me: so many years ahead and how to deal with planning. I have had many good suggestions from this wonderful group, and am so much better able to handle my own life.


Have you read “I’m not sick, I don’t need help” by Xavier Amador? That book gave me lots of ideas and insight into how best to handle my daughter so we are all doing better.


my mom is doing okay when on the medications she is fine just really depressed all the time, but id rather have that then the delusions. she has a malabsorption problem so she has to go in and get a shot every month which sometimes stops her from taking the meds which is hard. The turning point to get her on meds was by force actually, she tried to commit suicide so i had to call the police on her and she got admitted to the state psychiatric hospital (after at least 6 times going to the local psychiatric hospital) and they found a good medication for her and she has recently admitted to knowing SOME of the things she was thinking might have been wrong but she still doesnt believe she has schizophrenia. its a hard journey and i still really struggle alot with just processing it all.


I am sorry that the turning point was attempted suicide. That must have been an extremely hard time for you and your mother to get through.