How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


Dear Charles, I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your son.


So very sorry for your loss.


Hello Charles,
we are all praying for you.


@kdkman I am so sorry for your loss. You did the best you knew to do and loved him always.


Mine did heroin and meth and anything else he could get his hands on. Nothing helped him until Clozapine. He had one relapse about 6 months after starting Clozapine but glad to say now he has been clean 3 years 8 months. It makes a world of difference


My daughter is now on a temporary conservatorship, next step is a full time conservatorship in court in two wks. She was readmitted bc of streaking the entire first week of May to the mental hospital. She will finally get some counseling, even though she doesn’t think she is ill. We were using naturopathic remedies like Profrontal, but she quit using it. Now she is in all of the pharmaceuticals that she hates.
She wants me to be the conservator instead of the state, which i might agree to do if she agrees to follow the doctors orders. We currently have a with from home business that we work on together and she does as much as she can, depending on her mental health that day. It Can be a lot or nothing.
She doesn’t want to do anything at all with following doctors orders, so i might not actually bring her home, although I want to.
She still thinks about streaking bc it is a goal to communicate with heaven and in her mind she didn’t accomplish the goal yet.


Is she responding well to the drugs they are giving her?


She is responding, but she thinks it us all her and the drugs. She doesn’t like the way the drugs make her feel. All she wants us to quit the drugs. I understand that if i take conservatorship i will be responsible for her to take meds. If i don’t take the conservatorship she will be really upset, since we have a business to run.


Let the state take the conservatorship as this can be revisited. It’s okay for her to be mad. I always just do what the doctors or other professionals tell me to do and I explain this to my family member by saying, what I was doing to try to help did not work or we would not be in this situation now.

If she is doing well and taking meds, then consider taking it over after a year of two of stability.


The side effects will ease up, she just has to give it time. I try to always listen to the advice from @Hereandhere


Thanks for all of your kindness. It is a miracle she is in managed care. I am so thankful. I feel like i am numb from her behavior and i wad told i should be more upset, but that is not my nature. I am a pretty steady person and that is the only way i can get people to listen. My daughter is not listening too much, so that is hard. She thinks she is not ill.


she says she is not sick, there is no way for me to force her. Now it looks like i or the state will have conservatorship in two wks. Things will be different and i hope better


@Kellyshayne Please keep us posted. It will be interesting to see what the State can do. And we care about you and your daughter.


I would have to keep pinching myself to make sure I was awake if such a miracle were to happen with my son. And how wonderful that the meds are working for your daughter.

Really can identify with your calmness- I get that way in a crisis. When my son gets going and my husband starts reacting, I am calm. I guess someone has to be.


I am so sorry. To give my opinion in answer to your questions: I believe your son was trying to self-medicate to find relief. Schizophrenia is awful, my daughter is so unhappy. Perhaps proper meds would have helped him, perhaps not: it is a juggling game trying to find the proper meds and sometimes the side effects are so terrible even doctors with years of experience have a hard time finding the right combinations. I’m sure you did the best you could, be kind to yourself in this hard time.


@Kellyshayne I personally would let the state be the conservator. I know for a fact that my daughter said she would take meds only to get home and stop taking them. After 4 hospitalizations (one which found a med combo that almost 100% stopped the delusions, hallucinations and negative symptoms) she still came off her meds and reverted to paranoia. My daughter never gained insight. I would give anything for my adult daughter to be forced long term onto meds, but in my state it most likely will never happen.

I feel that once your daughter is stable, then you could take over and let her come home.

Good luck with whatever your decision is.


Is the managed care permanent or temp? I know what you mean about being numb. For me when the crisis hits I’m ok. After a few days it hits me hard.


Where we live, the state can be conservator while a person lives at their family home. Our family member has court ordered treatment and lives at home.

I cannot be in charge of my family member’s medication “compliance.” That is not possible for us.


Not here in CO either. So 60 more days for us on court ordered meds. I’ll have to look into how the state becomes the conservator.


Court is in 2 weeks, then it might be a one year conservatorship. Most likely outcome.