How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


Was this for the lack of clothes or is she getting court ordered meds (you don’t have to say why). I hope it works out the way you want it to go! It seems a lot of our loved ones (including mine) have found themselves mixed up with the law because of their mixed up thoughts. Odd that she was so modest and then the lack of clothing. But it seems that’s the way it is these days - never not odd. Or rarely.


Court is for conservatorship. Thankfully she isnt in trouble with the law. She will be trying her best to not be on conservatorship with her advocate. She hates the meds, so she is wanting to get back on supplements asap instead of meds. It worked before.


That’s right. She’s the one that the sarcosine really worked for. Am I correct? That is really good to know.


Yes. She used the Profrontal formula which includes one bottle of Sarcosine and one bottle of N-Acetyl Cysteine.


@Kellyshayne Is she on regular meds now? My son has been on meds for about a month now and today he had an interview at Target. We’ll see how this all plays out! He did it all on his own. I didn’t push for the interview at all.


I’m new just found out my husband of 24 years has schizophrenia. We have been together since we were 16 we were so close we did everything together then about 2 years ago I started noticing strange but subtle behavior in him I blew it off but a year ago it just got out of hand on he began thinking we were being watched he started watching neighbors then it got worse he tried but in our house down turned on me saying I let a live stream of his life be ran without his consent and I’m withholding money from him. It’s gotten way worse. EVERYONE has shut us out except our 24 year old son. He gets angry and takes it out on me constantly he refuses any help because he thinks we r trying to institutionalize him. He’s started meds but usually throws them thinking they are poisoned. He spends days yelling outside at Hallucinations. But there is another side to it a sweet childlike side he puts his I dog to guard him everywhere he is in jail rite now due to his father’s refusal to try and understand him. I love him
so much but sometimes feel like he hates me. I’m just so tired I don’t know what to do for him.


Hi LittleLotus,

Welcome. I am so sorry about your husband and the impact it has had on your life. May I ask, how did you just find out? Would you be comfortable sharing? Best wishes, Hope


She is on regular meds and she hates them so much. Side effects are intolerable bc she gets numbness in her arms and legs. the doctors will not believe her, but I know it’s true since she has already had problems with circulation for years. It has been a miserable month and she is not used to them. They do level her out though, the cost is very high in physical comfort.
I am so glad to hear that your son is doing so well. That is a great step forward. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you! Yes, fingers crossed! I hope the side effects for your daughter subside or perhaps a different medication. Either way - we are rooting for her to feel better!


I do. My mother. Growing up was a very scary, isolated , unpredictable , abusive/loving environment of course depending on my mother’s episodes . she first was hospitalized as a teen in ths 70’s all they did was give her Thorazine keep her for 2 weeks then sent her home. No further followup or treatment. Shortly later I was born. There was also alcoholism mixed with her illness which was toxic would always bring out the extremes in her. Lots of arrests. Few more scattered hospitalizations through the years, but never any involuntary treatment. Some forced. Well fast forward I am 40 she’s nearly 60. She refuses medication or any therapy. Lives a very isolated life other than immediate family, myself and my sister. My children when she is doing well. For many years it was complete denial surrounding her illness. She now somewhat recognizes it but it ends at my “moods” . She stopped drinking many years ago and to me has learned to be aware of her episodes enough so that she will isolate herself when sick to stay out of trouble and not “burden” others. She does not work, never well long enough to hang on to a job. She is able to maintain her own apartment and affairs through SSI and federal subsidies. But has lost many apartments due to neighbor issues resilting from her illness . people do not understand her personalities and mistake them for somone simply being rude or “crazy” as she’s been called many times. She has zero social life. She is content though with having her “freedom” and her own home and does get tremdous joy from her grandchildren. When it’s good it’s good , when it’s bad it gets very bad. I do not try to.push her towards seeking any help. She has tried a few times over the years. Recieved many different diagnosis feom Schizophrenia to DID to bipolar… The only time she ever gave it a chance was many years ago and was mainly medication which never helped. The very rare times she spoke with me she said " I don’t want to be a zombie and it didn’t help anyways" . My personal beliefs are her illness is trifold she was hit by a car at very young age had brain trauma, raised by a mom who was also mentally ill, very very hard childhood and undoubtedly suffers from mental health illness which she is afflicted with major illness and not one Dr could give her a clear diagnosis which left her feeling even more to the point of why should I give them a chance if they don’t even know. Also important to.mention she grew up in an environment where it was very stigmatized ftom her own mother who was ill and had been institutionalized who was fearful of going back and pushed those fears onto her daughter. My biggest fear was that I was going to be ill as well. I know I suffer from depression perhaps a touch of bipolar. But bybthe Grace of God. I am ok. But the pain of my childhood and what I went through from my mother has left many deep mortal wounds. Lots of hurt and anger. Also lots of growth and forgivness. I love my mother. When my mother is well she is the most kindest caring sould one could be blessed to know. When she is not watch out. I have vivid memories of her eyes changing color when I was younger nothing extreme but from a pale blue when well to a bluegreen when she’s raging. People don’t believe me but I know what I lived with my mother.


I believe you, many of us have noticed their eyes changing when they are in an episode.

We all wonder what will happen as our family members age. Did your mom get somewhat better as she got older?


Better No. Fascets of her illness changed , I think maturity , self realization and awareness helped her have better grasp and control if that makes sense. I worry every day what will happen when my mother gets in to her elder years. I think about it often what will I do come that time.


Just as growth effects us all in hopefully positive ways to bring about healthy changes, I do feel aging changed her personalities in postive ways. Hope I’m making sense in my response.


I think it makes sense to all of us who have family members who have suffered from scz for a long time.

Many of our elderly family members do end up in nursing home.


It is 5 in the morning here in Florida and my unmedicated family member (daughter, 34 years old) is talking to her “people” in her room, and doesn’t appear to have slept much. This has been a quiet night compared to last night when she got really, really loud several times with her argumentative talk alone in her room.

When she gets too loud, I have learned to knock gently on her door (she keeps it locked at all times) and simply say "Do you know that I can hear you?. She will then usually say, “I’m sorry, I had a bad dream” and that ends the conversation. And usually results in a quiet down. Pushing it harder has never worked, saying more just inflames the situation.

Tonight, I woke on my own, at 3:45 a.m. as I often do. She didn’t wake me. Insomnia has gotten worse for me over the last 2 plus years of her illness. I have a snack of a piece of lunch meat and a bit of fruit, read a thread on this site, then play solitaire on the computer until I get sleepy again.

She is quiet now, perhaps sleeping, and I am going back to bed soon.

How are you today? How is your unmedicated loved one?


Sigh, I spoke to soon. I got back in bed, put my earplugs in, and she is awake talking, screaming and growling like an animal in her room. Oh how I wish she had a tiny bit of insight that her behavior is soooo weird. I pray that someday she wants some help.


So very sorry about your struggle to sleep - have you been able to find time to work on getting her on ssi and/or ssdi?

My unmedicated son has not replied to my text regarding the changes they did to his benefits.

Everyone always suggested to me to try noise blocking headphones like people wear on airplanes to sleep - have you ever tried them? I never tried because I was fighting hot flashes in addition to the outbursts from my son. Pretty sure the noise blockers would not prevent the hot flashes.

My other son has a friend who was unmedicated for bipolar and caused a tragedy. His trial starts today.


Thank you for your sympathy about my sleep patterns. It is wearing me down. I have not yet been able to get her agree to apply for SSI/SSDI. She says she is NOT disabled and will get a job again soon. I probably ought to pay to see a lawyer and get some advice. I’m sorry your son isn’t replying to you, but in a way I guess that is good: does it mean he is still successfully living on his own? I’m going to look up noise blocking headphones, haven’t heard of them till now (hahah haven’t heard…) Here’s hoping your hot flashes get better. I’m all done with that… O boy, sorry about the tragedy and trial. Sigh.


I hope applying for guardianship is not expensive where you are -that’s the only way I know to be able to apply on their behalf for Social Security.

We had so many long nights of lost sleep when our son lived inside with us - and the lack of sleep continued when he moved into the apartment on our property. Why their symptoms have to be nocturnal I do not know. I am really sorry - it would so much easier for us to deal with their scz if we could just get some sleep.

(That is funny- haven’t heard of them) grin:

I also used to take Benadryl to help me sleep through his noise.

Yeah, he is still on his own, I oftenwonder about his current neighbors and all his nighttime noises. I know one moved out already.


hello my brother is pretty much the same way except he is talking to people who has been dead for many years but like right now he is screaming at them at the top of his lungs that hes gonna slice their throats and all kinds of horrible things but then some times he will just sit there and laugh with the people that he talks to. i want some help to get him some help but they wont let me or my mother get him evaluated without his consent does anyone know away around this