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How to deal with the anti-psychiatry advocates

One of the problems that families face is that of those who do not believe4 in or understand serious mental illness, Many think that this is a fake diagnosis and that medication simply make people worse. This new book goes through all the arguments used by the naysayers and refutes them based on the evidence from science. See

The book was written by the same author who wrote Schizophrenia Medicine’s Mystery Society’s Shame

Marvin Ross the author is a parent with a son who has schizophrenia. He understands what he’s talking about.

One thing that has always frustrated me is the “anti-medicine” rhetoric that seems to be so prevalent in society. It’s seen as an accomplishment when someone says they are managing an illness without medication. If someone is able to do that and manage well, then that’s great, but making this the goal just puts unfair expectations on others who cannot manage without medication. A few years ago, my mom (with sz) decided to go off her medication, thinking she didn’t need it. I went on an outing with a new frend of hers and when my mom told her she was recovering from a mental illness and off medication, her friend said “wow good for you” which was really frustrating as I had been trying to convince her to stick with the medication. Of course, her friend had good intentions, but people don’t realize the influence of saying things like that and how it stigmatizes the use of prescription medication.