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How to make person with schizophrenia happy

How to make a person (man) who has it happy and healthy?

Well that is a hard one!
You can`t make them happy. He has to find it for himself.

Spend time with him in mutual activities and don’t treat him differently because he is different than he used to be.

Medications and therapy as a basis for treatment, taking good night’s sleep and good food makes a person feel able to cope with everyday stresses. Getting better is one big reason for a schizophrenic to feel happy.

Treat them like a person who has something to contribute to the world.


We want what everyone else wants out of life. To feel valued and useful, to have friends, to have a hobby or two that keeps us occupied. In the beginning, it was really hard for me to find a reason to want to get better, because I didn’t have anything of value in my life. Once I found a reason, it became so much easier to seek treatment and learn coping techniques.

If he suffers from anhedonia it can be tough to make him feel happy. I have that. Nothing is ever fun. But I do stuff I used to like. Maybe it will make me feel happy one day. Tell him Don’t stop living and be active even if you can’t feel anything!

All the comment above is very good…just follow them

can that just come on suddenly?

Three hots and a cot.

Give what you have to offer, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make him happy.

I felt like it came suddenly. But now I can’t remember anymore how it was to feel joy or satisfaction. Maybe I’ll be terrified when…or if my emotions turn them selves on again.

spending time with them for a chat and maybe a drink and a cake or something, ‘thats what i like anyway’ lol

I know someone who went from from being light up the room, melt your heart kind of person and it seemed like in a second something snapped in them and turned off and its like they are empty, they literally have no joy in anything anymore. And they have given up the hope basically they are just breathing. That’s why I asked if it could come on suddenly.

My partner and I talk just like we use to. Her parents have never known me pre sickness but my partner’s dad makes fun of me comparing me to an mentally challenged individual who licks windows and wears a helmet. That is what not to do, that only makes the tormentor happy.

My partner doesn’t treat me any different.

I would say tell him that you love him often and don’t treat him different than a normal person. Also make him feel so comfortable that he can tell you anything he has in his mind. That’s what my girlfriend does to me!