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How to stop my son from leaving the country!

My son stopped taking his meds in July 2018. He was doing well for four years. In December of 2018, he voluntarily went back to the hospital for a week. When he was released, he was on his meds (Risperdone) for three days, and have been off since. He does not want to go to the hospital and says nothing is wrong with him and has since purchased a one-way ticket to Japan, has his passport and says no one will stop him. He has since lost his job in early February. His psychiatrist says we must stop him from going (no kidding!) What can I do? I’ve tried third-party involuntary commitment process, but they don’t think I have enough evidence. Does anyone have any suggestions? My last resort is just to cancel his flight (I have all of this information).

You are not confined or restricted by anyone or anything and you have the power to contact the Japanese govt. and alert them to your sons intentions and his unmedicated MEDICAL condition. His entry could be denied and returned home. He may not even be allowed to board a international flight.

Much like we can report people in the U.S. regarding their ability to drive. One of the few responsible actions govt. has taken is providing family, friends, etc. the abilty to report compromised adults (usually your elderly parents who won’t give up their keys/driving) anonymously. Parents don’t know who reported them…and they just have to go through the qualifying process. They either pass or they don’t and have to live with decision. This has saved a lot of families the distress of being the “bad” person and family fights.

Hi Snoopygirl and welcome,

I’m sorry your family is going through this.

There was another member who could not prevent her son from travelling internationally and it all turned out okay, after he left the country and wound up in the Netherlands or somewhere like that.

If you can’t stop him, you can’t. It’s super stressful what you are going through and you have some options. It’s your decision what you will and will not do.

I would definitely try to get it in writing from his psychiatrist that he shouldn’t go. That might help any process you decide to try.

One of our forum members had a son that actually made it to Japan. They found the US Embassy in Japan was very helpful in getting their son back home.

@Snoopygirl, as @hope mentioned, there was previous forum member with this same problem. Her very ill son bought a one way ticket to Japan, so he could walk into a place called the “Suicide Forest”. If you search for Japan or Suicide Forest, you can read the forum thread about this family’s crisis.

Do you know why your son chose Japan as his destination?

I’m truly sorry if my comment is an upsetting one, but I thought you should know.

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Thank you for your suggestion. He is scheduled to leave April 3rd.

Thank you for this information.

Thank you for letting me know.

Thank you. We are praying for the Lord to intervene.

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My son once purchased a ticket to China, on my visa. He shaved every hair off his body because the monks were telling him too. He flew from PA to CA. He got turned away from flight to china because he didn’t have an entry Visa, .he had a passport.

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Thank God he was stopped. My son never made it to Japan because I canceled his flight once he got to Chicago. He’s been there since last April, homeless, no phone, ID, food. However, after several arrests and a trip to the hospital in December 2019, he is now getting help. I praise the Lord for this!