I can do with the friendship but not a relationship

I am now divorced for nine years. I have settled it in my mind that I will never get involved in a serious relationship again. As for most of us friends are few and a happy face in my court is always very much welcomed. The thing is I have this one lady friend that I sometimes whats-app and sometimes see when I visit a mutual friend of ours. We had some sort of a short lived fling way back in my heavy drinking days long before I was married. I get the vibe that she is interested in getting involved with me. I might be reading it wrong though but I do not want to engage into any conversation with her if my attention is giving her hope of something more than just friendship. She do not know about my diagnosis and I have no intention of disclosing it to her. I’ve stopped chatting to her for the past two weeks and it is bothering me a bit as I don’t want to seem nasty towards her. Do any of you think it is sensible to grow or pursue a friendship relationship under such circumstances?

You said it yourself… friends are few and far between.

If you let her know that you’re not in this for a wife but it sure would be nice to have a friend, then why not be a friend?

The road is lonely enough. Just let her know where you stand and it should all be Ok.

Good luck, and I’m rooting for you.

I agree. As long as you are upfront with her.